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Mastermind Weekly #50: Welcome to 2020!

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by holepercent, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. holepercent

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    I am going to be doing a stipulation challenge for the entirety of this season! Basically, press keep on the auto recommended roll without changes and no rerolling until x2 workers is active. Will be tracking pick rates of every fighter. Feels like double tier one gets picked too often as well as not having enough mid cost fighters.

    Don't worry, i haven't forgot about the columns i still haven't finished from the last decade, but i figure i will post up a regular column to welcome all readers into 2020 and a new year of legion! The game now has seven complete legions of fighters to choose from with more to come. Most of the newer shrine fighters definitely seem on the strong side and expect some balance changes soon enough.

    Current meta is actually pretty diverse. There are opportunities for early game wins, mid game pushes and late game survival. Many players are still experimenting with the newer fighters and discovering how some of them fit into the established combinations.


    Your choices for Legion Spell are Protector, Magician or Savior.


    If you choose to reroll, state so. Then assume this is your final set and you have to pick from it.

    What will be your choice of 6 fighters?
    What will you build for wave 1?
    How aggressive do you expect to be able to push workers with your roll?
    What is your likely weak wave?
    When are you likely to reroll, and what fighters do you ideally want to reroll into?

    In most cases, there is no 'correct' set of 6 fighters to keep. Play style and how greedy you are with workers will influence your choices.

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  2. Cornep

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    Well then, sickest roll EU

    Mask + hf opener is easily the best.

    Aquas for clearly more spell damage

    Disciple + lod for some crazy hades magician value late game.

    and uhh. samurai? for some tanks.

    Leak wave 10 to mega push

    Greed crazy 8-9 workers pre 4

    GG WP
  3. Seraphin

    Seraphin Member

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    Well, with the current patch, it is an obvious roll actually ^^

    In my opinion, I take Mask, aqua, honey flower, grarl, disciple and lord of death.
    As Cornep said, you have here the best opening with honey flower + 2 mask. But be careful. You need to send a snail wave 1 or 2 and place well your masks.

    Push 7-8w wave 3-4. Build a grarl if possible for wave 5 in order to have a deathcap for wave 6. Wave 7 should be okay with rogue + deathcap + mass mask.

    You really have to be careful wave 10 which should be an obvious send for your opponent. So you need a disciple for wave 8, build a grarl for wave 9 and get a starcaller for wave 10 and another disciple if possible.

    Remember for the rest of the game to build some kings claws to tank since you don't want your deathcap tank too much. You will have to be carefull wave 14-15 which should be an obvious send for your opponent.