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Name displayed wrongly in loadscreen

Discussion in 'Minor Bugs' started by Curing, Jan 13, 2020.

  1. Curing

    Curing Art Director Staff Member

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    Please make sure to include one or more of the following: (more = better)
    - Steps to reproduce the bug
    - Video
    - Screenshots


    - Logs (https://legiontd2.com/community/threads/reporting-bugs-finding-your-game-logs.9413/)

    Things worth noting:

    - Kojolo was in my previous Classic game as well. This was a 2nd game that I played w him.
    - Name, Avatar, and ranked board (and maybe even current rank elo) is duplicated.
    - When I jumped into the game, I got my name back (Curing) but my avatar was still Kojolo's (mine should be Wale icon)

    Let me know what else I can provide. Not sure how to repro just yet.