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New Legion: philosophers

Discussion in 'Design Room' started by Mick, Dec 17, 2020.

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    Since my ethereal legion was close to divine, I am predicting the next legion: philosophers!

    Tier 1
    Philosophy student
    Thinking: every 4 attacks, the student thinks and adds 10 bonus pure damage to his attack.

    Upgrade Philosophy teacher
    Critical thinking: A critical thinker is harder to catch. Dodges every 4th time she takes damage. Also 15 pure bonus dmg on every 4th attack.

    Tier 2

    Pessimism: Demoralizes enemy units on attack, making them attack 5% slower (does not stack)

    Upgrade Nietzsche
    Will to power: Nietzsche dominates the enemy on attack, making them attack 10% slower (stacks with Schopenhauer)

    Tier 3

    Categorical imperative: Kant’s essence attack cannot be reduced or amplified. His maxim is “Attack so that you want it to be a universal law”

    Cogito ergo sum: Descartes deals 5% extra damage for every other Descartes in your team. However, if a Descartes dies, all Descartes’ lose 7% damage.

    Tier 4

    Revolution of the proletariat: Adjacent unupgraded units deal 5% more damage

    Dialectical synthesis: If you have an unupgraded AND an unpgraded version of a unit adjacent to Hegel, both deal 15% more damage.

    Tier 5

    Proof of God: After reaching 25 mana, Thomas provides a proof of God, granting an ally divine attack for 5 seconds (110% vs all attack types)

    Leap of Faith: After reaching 25 mana, Kierkegaard makes a unit take a leap of faith, jumping into the middle of the enemy wave, dealing 5% total health of wave AOE dmg and getting divine attack for 7 seconds.

    Tier 6

    The World of Forms: Nova is only a poor resemblance of the World of Forms. When reaching 50 mana, Plato makes your army reach the World of Forms, increasing your damage by 10% and health regen by 2% missing health per sec for 7 seconds.

    Praemeditatio malorum: Seneca already envisioned the worst to happen. That’s why he is prepared for the biggest sends. For every mythium you get sent on a wave, Seneca gains half of it in extra attack damage.
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