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New Legion Spell

Discussion in 'Design Room' started by IQ_999, Oct 31, 2020.

  1. IQ_999

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    Well at first I didn't know if it is crap or broken - but looking at the numbers it might turn out as a solid midgame Legionspell. (might need some balancing in terms of +gold or -income depending how strong it turns out)
    But I Like the versatility it offers.
    The Idea is a Legionspell, that removes the restrictions for King upgrades - means you can upgrade during waves as well.

    Situational uses:
    -Backup when saving
    -combine "no feed" with max value (so it can be a moneyspell as well - numbers below)
    -"show" kingupgrades 1 wave later, so you can delay the enemy push. (this gets actually denied because the recommended value will show https://legiontd2.com/community/threads/powerscore-rec-value-vs-competition.22794/)
    -Move: you and your mate safe for a level so your enemies can't push. You have to send a level where only one opponent is bad while you will get send as well. So your mate can send, while you upgrade king instead and get the money from income for the next lvl. you denie the "feed" to the guy that would hold, and have the value urself -All in all it offers incomesending without feeding for 600 mythium.
    -only useful if you plan to upgrade fast after 10 or to make a move, and most value if only one person takes it (otherwise value is halfed since its capped by kingupgrades)
    -of course useless if king is already upgraded
    -reduces the "backfire" of kingupgrades midgame, that let's your opponent push.
    -denie money as a result of king-dmg, when you can upgrade during leak.

    Numbers in terms of money:
    30 Kingupgrades à 6 income - this means a maximum of 180 gold that u can get by upgrading the king.
    If you would have sent for max income instead, you denie the money to your opponent while having the same.