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Only in Nova

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mick, Nov 2, 2018.

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    Sometimes, I find myself wondering about the extraordinary way of life in Nova. Even though at first sight, it resembles earth, some things are more alien to us than the average crew of a Star Trek series. I compiled a top 7 of mysteries and anomalies in Nova. Don't confuse this with any serious criticism, it's just for fun.

    1. The magical gates
    Seriously, where do they come from? Who built them? And why are they there only when someone is fighting somewhere on Nova? The only theory I can come up with at the moment is that there is an almighty and benevolent God who hates injustice, and actively intervenes with life on Nova whenever he sees injustice (i.e. people leaking units to their king while someone is still fighting). There are two huge problems with this theory though: a) it would make the Nova God far superior to Earth God, because the former actively prevents injustice from happening, while ours lazily lets it happen and just punishes you in death, and b) for any rational being, the idea of a God is incomprehensible. We need the true story behind the magically appearing and dissappearing gates!

    2. The Siege Ram (http://beta.legiontd2.com/guide/attackers/siege-ram/ )
    Just look at the thing. Isn't there anyone in the whole of Nova who said: "We built a huge bad ass Ram, but let's not put some piercing crossbow on top of it, but something that really damages"? How on earth is a siege ram piercing damage? Isn't the purpose of a siege ram to destroy castles and forts, instead of swift units? And aren't castles and forts fortified? Every night before I go to sleep I repeat this to myself 10 times, because my mind's logic will never grasp it: "Siege ram is piercing damage, not impact, siege ram is piercing damage, not impact".

    3. The Warg transformation
    We can all imagine the tale of a meaningless Harpy transforming into a Sky Queen. Or the story of the little pollywog that turned into a mean devilfish is one we will all remember. But a warg transforming into a lioness?? Isn't a warg supposed to be way above a lioness? And if not, how does that transformation work biologically and genetically? Does the evolution theory apply to Nova?

    4. The mystery of the Sky Queen's armor
    Name the first thing that comes to mind when I say the words "Sky Queen". 90% that you said 'fast', 'speed', or 'swift'. It is literally the swiftest unit in the game, and it does not even have swift armor? I figured swift defence meant that quick units needed some very light armor, to not carry around too much weight. That is why impact damage is not so effective, swift units are too fast for this slow, hard-hitters. But if even the fastest unit in the game does not need this light armor, what is the use of it then?

    And now that we are on the subject of swift armor, how can it have a tank (fatalizer)? If swift defence is to be quick and a light type of armor, then a tank is the opposite of that. The only way I can imagine swift having a tank is if it is too fast to hit (a high dodge rate) which makes it tanky, not some huge unit with a lot of hit points.

    5. The origin of life: something dead regenerating
    Does regeneration not imply that you are at least alive? Or if you are dead and regenerate, doesn't that make you living again? Physics must be different in Nova..

    6. Snipers in Nova
    A zeus, sniping from far away, with detailed and well-timed attacks. That cannot be impact damage. It must be pierce. That's how snipers work right, not by crude force?

    7. Fire and water
    How is a fire attack super effective vs a water unit? Fenix or pyro vs Quadrapus is exactly this. Azeria is the same attack type as pyro, even though one bursts water, the other shoots with fire. Is water and fire the same in Nova? In any case, the game is right about one thing, this is magic.
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    we need answers