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Open Letter to the Devs

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Bonny, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. Xarku

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  2. GvR Mr Mister

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    What, my posting doesnt help? :( or are people just to dumb to understand?
  3. Cornep

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    I love how much the last 3 messages have contributed to the actual topic here.

    No-one has said EVERY single thing in last 2 years have been bad, and you can't possibly say everything has been good @GvR Mr Mister

    This argument on saying that providing feedback on something you have spent a lot of time on is stupid, is COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS. This is the valuable feedback. If you say it is NOT, you are clearly delusional.

    Would you ask for advice from someone from 1st grade student regarding math or someone who has PhD in mathematics? According to you @Seraphin and @GvR Mr Mister idiots would listen to those who have spent more time on the topic.

    Any other quality game prioritizes well detailed feedback from veteran players. CiV, WoW before activision entered the picture, Witcher, underlords, terraria etc.

    Why is it more valuable? Because those players understand all the game mechanics on a deeper level, any any level seeing the level current 1200 ELO players were at the end of season 3. Sure, there is value to new player feedback as it offers a different point of view, but besides the new player experience, in regards to mechanics and features it is extremely limited. Veteran player feedback is more valuable as they understand the game.

    Do we want to control everything about the game? NO.
    Do we want more rational choices that dont drive away massive portions of the already limited playerbase? Yes
  4. Dimlhugion

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    Appeals to Authority notwithstanding (you don't need a PhD in engineering to point out the Leaning Tower of Piza is indeed leaning), I do have to agree with Cornep on this one. The fact that these topics exist in the first place is the proof of the pudding. I know for me personally it has been disheartening to see this patch stay live for almost a month without any reversions when I, among many others, pointed out the outcome of said changes well in advance. Now, like letting a pool shot go without proper aiming, we have to watch the ball continue to travel wrong and crash against a rail rather than sinking into the pocket. Unlike pool though, where you only get one irreversible shot, this trend could be salvaged if only the devs were willing to admit their mistakes.

    As a programmer I can understand the need for better infrastructure, but now that some of that is taken care of we REALLY need to focus on player retention. I've said it before, I'll say it again, adding a shop should be a higher priority as that will allow them to profit off of those already invested in the game. More profits = more breathing room to do stuff like reimplementing the features that kept people's interest. Again as a programmer I realize it's not simply a matter of "flipping a switch" to add old stuff back in, especially since we're dealing with new frameworks, but let's be brutally honest here: the recent patches have been duds.

    Peak time concurrent players have been cut in at least half, daily player counts are barely breaking 1k, and at least 50% of the discourse I've been privy to have been negative reactions to recent changes. At this point I would assume the numbers speak for themselves. I also feel like it's a bad sign when someone like me, who only has around 470ish hours invested into gameplay, and who only reached a peak mid-1500's ELO (although admittedly I didn't try very hard to climb) could now be considered "one of the vets" of this game, as opposed to just a seasoned casual, purely because most of the people higher up than me simply don't play anymore.

    I don't have a PhD in LTD2, but I can still see we're beyond Piza and have moved into Titanic waters. The ranking officers are abandoning ship and those of us who remain are losing faith in the vessel's ability to stay afloat. So yea, I think there's very good reason why topics such as this are cropping up and it's puzzling to see certain people stick their fingers in their ears and scream "LALALA can't hear you! This is fine.jpg"