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optimization of shifted sends

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by IQ_999, Feb 5, 2020.

  1. IQ_999

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    Considering shifted sends, im wondering why they are not optimized.
    I think most know what i mean: U shift p.e. your hermit before lvl 5 - when the lvl ends you se u have 80 mythium - income has not yet been credited but the the hermit is no more shifted.In worst case when u are not concentrated to notice this costs 20 gold - and you leak 5 as a result of it - in some cases its gamedestroying.
    Ofc you can still send it on your own to prevent that. But from time to time when you concentrate on enemy you miss that. In addition I think this feature should be be an optimization, since it can perfectly time the send - even better than a human. Its could be a nice thing to prevent missing gold due tu lags that sometimes happen and prevent from sending.
    Is it possible to optimize for a perfect timing window there?
    Its really bringing up madness in some cases^^

    Furthermore it would be cool if you can shift King-Upgrades.

    Is it intended that the "upgrading-window" for the king is smaller than the sending window? It happens that u want to upgrade the king but u cant anymore, but the level has not started yet. I think its same timingwindow mentioned above - since u can still send for the next wave.

    Would be awesome if you can make these timingwindows smarter =)
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  2. Jules

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    These are good suggestions and match my experience as well.

    I personally queue up (shift-click) workers and mercenaries as a convenience, but I still prefer to spam click mercenaries to get them out at the last moment. It feels like spamming allows you to squeeze in more mercenaries than queueing them, which shouldn't be the case. Ideally, queueing them should be the thing we want to do (not something we avoid).

    IQ_999, if you or anyone can record video of queueing up a mercenary not squeezing out a last-second mercenary when it should, that would be really helpful. I'll also try to reproduce and record the issue.

    For king upgrades, it's not intended that the upgrading window is smaller or that you can't queue them up. I believe the upgrading window is shorter because there were some bugs and abuse cases with upgrading the king at the last second, and it would require some work from Lisk to properly fix and optimize this. Queueing up king upgrades is on the to-do list.