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Projectile Speed

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by CORR0S1VE, Dec 13, 2020.

  1. CORR0S1VE

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    I think that three units often feel disappointing and frustrating due to their slow projectile speed, even though they are well-balanced units.

    The reason I think this is because these units often feel like they're "wasting" attacks that could have otherwise been the difference between clearing and leaking.

    You buffed several mercenaries and waves in v3.13. I'd say it's time to review the projectile speeds once more.

    The Seraphin is a particularly bad offender, due to the time it takes them to send out the attack. Even though they attack once a second, they have a sort of "charge up" which makes them feel clunky, and often miss attacks, since the target died while they were charging.

    The Fire Archer falls into a weird spot where it's often better for it to not have attacked because it wasted its fire arrow shooting something that's already dead. This is incredibly impactful on certain early waves (3, 5 and 6), where a fire arrow does between 2.9x - 3.1x the damage of a normal attack.

    The Sky Queen, once she gets going, will attack so quickly that she'll attack a dead unit up to 3 or 4 times before she realises it's dead, especially at long range.


    Several units have "recovery" mechanisms that reduce the penalty of attacking a unit that's already dead. Examples include:
    • Millennium - Explosion occurs even if unit is already dead.
    • Aqua Spirit/Fire Elemental/Rogue Wave - Attack bounces even if unit is already dead.
    • Pyro - Attack splashes even if unit is already dead.
    These are, in my opinion, excellent ways around slow projectiles.

    Suggested Fixes:

    Make Seraphin's attack "snappier", by moving the attack point earlier in the animation.

    Make the Sky Queen's projectiles go faster as she attacks faster! It'll look cool, and add to the effect.

    Refund Fire Archer's mana if they miss, or make Fire arrows move faster, to reduce the chance of it missing.
  2. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Seraphin - we would have to change the animation, which is hard
    Sky Queen - I'll increase the projectile speed next patch

    Otherwise, I would just assume the game is balanced around some of these things. Would require pretty significant coding changes and AI to make units not waste attacks/spells. Agreed it can be frustrating. Going forward with new units, we've made a note to keep backswing (wind-up) times low, so their attacks are snappier.