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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Shinoda, Dec 18, 2017.

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    Dear Rank-Hero,

    once i was searching for a "group with plan" <- actually wrote it like that in Global ;D some 1700-18500 dudes told me that i will never find a good group in my Elo (i was 1080) at that time, 5min later i found two germans who where nice enough to let me join.After the first win we decided to meet up on teamspeak and play some more games, resulting in a 7 game win streak.! since then i was able to climb from 1080 to 1228, that means that your RANK is nothing without a good team.

    all i want to say is "Stop Posing With Your Rank", show some love to newbies and tell them how this game works.! please don't let this Community go down ( like in other games "cough" lol "cough") make it a better place.! report people who say mean words , report leavers and inters, but never talk a new player down.! i was nearly quitting but now i stand up for every new player.

    sry for my bad english.

    let's build a great community.!
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