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Rating & Matchmaking Guide

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Jules, Nov 28, 2017.

  1. Jules

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    Legion TD 2 uses an Elo rating system. Your rating change at the end of each game is based on:
    1. Your team rating
    2. Their team rating
    3. Whether you win or lose
    Your rating increases if you win and decreases if you lose. The amount that your rating changes depends on the difference between your team rating and their team rating. The harder your opponent, the more your rating increases if you win and the less your rating decreases if you lose.

    We intentionally use an outcome-based (win/loss) rating system rather than a performance-based (value, income, leaks, MVP, etc.) rating system. As soon as performance-based incentives are introduced, players can inflate their performance metrics in ways that are harmful to their team and not optimal for winning. An outcome-based system doesn't distort incentives, accounts for intangibles, and properly rewards selfless players.

    New player adjustments
    • If you are a new player with fewer than 10 games, your rating gain/loss is doubled. This helps new players and smurfs converge to their proper rating faster.
    • If you are partied with a new player with fewer than 10 games, your rating gain/loss is halved. This makes it less punishing to introduce a friend to the game and also discourages players from smurf boosting.
    • New players start at 1000 rating and automatically gain +20 rating per game for their first 10 ranked games, in addition to the standard rating change from winning/losing. This helps ease new players into the ranked experience.
    Match canceled

    If a game is canceled, the disconnected player loses 6 rating. If that player is duoed with someone, his teammate will also lose 6 rating. Other players’ ratings are unaffected.


    If your ally is disconnected for 2+ waves and is not present at the end of the game or is disconnected for 4+ waves, you lose half the rating if you lose and gain the full amount if you win.


    Legion TD 2 matchmakes games based on:
    1. Team A vs. Team B fairness (tries to create an even match)
    2. Skill differences of players within a match (tries to find closely-rated players)
    3. Time spent waiting in queue
    4. Number of players online
    The longer players wait or the fewer players currently online, the more likely the matchmaker is to allow uneven games. Even if games are uneven, your rating change accounts for differences in skill.

    Duo adjustment accounts for communication and strategic advantages that partied players have.
    • +25 rating (two 1200s duoing are treated as 1225)
    • Additionally, the highest-rated player in the duo is given extra weight when determining the average. This weight increases for higher rated players to prevent smurf-boosting to the top of the ladder.
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  2. Danyelz

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    At the moment it feels kinda strange as a 4-man-party to lose 1 game (-17 to -25 elo) and to gain only +9 elo for a win. Especially because the enemys arent that "weaker" because of the rank push :/

    Of course there are games aswell where you gain more elo or lose less but the last 4 games we played was kinda "hard" in the case of getting elo vs losing elo.
  3. xanarot

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    You shouldnt party with random people. You party with people you know, so communication is better and likely are on voicechat with. You also use more advanced tactics as a team, like each using a different race (or same race but different tactics, i.e. berserker/tempest mech and pyro/zeus mech) to make it more difficult for the enemy team to plan sends and properly overbuilding on saves (x and y overbuild for w13, build unit x1 and y5, a and b overbuild for w14 with units a2 and b2. whichwave wave they send, we'll hold it like this).

    If you dont do such advanced tactics and planning, then yes, its just a random 4-solo match vs random 4-solo match basically, just against people which are better due to the matchmaking penalty.

    TLDR: dont party up, unless you play like a party.
  4. GvR Mr Mister

    GvR Mr Mister Member

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    When there are more players in different elo ranges, i hope that parties are only matched against parties. So both teams get the extra elo and will play for the same amount of it.
  5. Raskelot

    Raskelot Member

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    I can't win. I play a lot everyday and I can't get wins streak. This game is great, but it's rigged somewhere. What players want is to feel they win a lot, not losing 80% of their games. I always end top 1-2 of my team, no leaks same strats. I feel like it's just a bad RNG from the matchmaking, it has to be.