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Re-roll system

Discussion in 'Balance Discussion' started by Boris, Jan 7, 2020.

  1. Boris

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    Hello guys,

    I've been playing a lot recently and noticed several times that re-rolling during game, sometimes gives only tier 1-2 units. This has cost me games that were 95% win, converted into losses or a new chance to get back in the game (especially when your opponents have outrolled you hard). If this is by design, please do something about it, if not - still do something about it. You all know that regardless of the skill, if you don't have good rolls, chances to win and even only enjoy the game are slim, that's why you are currently doing a poll on units strenght :)
  2. Dimlhugion

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    To clarify, are you talking about the re-rolls you get as Mastermind during wave 1, or are you talking about the one "free" re-roll that everyone gets at any point during the game? If it's the former, that one is weighted to favor certain unit compositions to attempt to give balanced rolls. The free re-roll though, if I'm not mistaken, is just a pure random roll (excluding the units you already have, of course) so that would be why you're seeing, on occasion, "only T1/2's/etc." in that roll.

    Honestly I don't think this should be changed, because it runs the risk of homogenizing the strategy of legion-picking. I tend to heavily favor Atlantean for example - if I could guarantee with any semblance of certainty I'd get a T6 that would see immediate use (as opposed to egg, which requires a lot of planning and a nontrivial amount of luck) on the reroll, my win rate would surely skyrocket. Not because I'm exceptionally good, but because my familiarity with the legion combined with the certainty of the (re)roll would just be too leak-proof.

    Actually, to be perfectly frank I'm not really on board with having a free reroll for all in the first place. Maybe, maybe for Mastermind vs Mastermind, to help minimize "oh shit my opponent rolled perfect for 6-7-8 while I rolled snake-eyes" moments, but for legions? The whole point of legions is to have predictability - to know exactly which 6 you are going to work with. Said predictability works both for and against you, with your opponents knowing (given proper scouting) when you are strong and when you are weak. The strategy then lies on how well you capitalize on your strong waves while compensating for the weak ones.

    My main critique of prior iterations of legion-rerolls is that it destroys this element of predictability, and in doing so, eliminates the need for proper scouting and proper forethought. This current iteration is tolerable to me precisely because it is so limited in scope - and thus, in overall impact. (By that I mean, if you were truly "95% winning" for like 10 waves, you should have save-sent and ended it prior to your opponents being able to cash in on their clutch rerolls)