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[request] add API endpoint for token renewal or similar

Discussion in 'API Feature Requests' started by Alexaner, Jun 27, 2020.


How should tokens/keys be renewed?

This poll will close on Aug 27, 2020 at 9:25 PM.
  1. via API endpoint

  2. via daily automated email

  3. via browser extension

  4. other

  5. it shouldn't be renewed

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  1. Alexaner

    Alexaner Member

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    I've just started using the Legion TD API Beta and I like it. But now I'm worry about my key/token been used without my knowledge.
    Where I work, we get our tokens renewed daily.
    Is there a way you add this feature?

  2. GvR Mr Mister

    GvR Mr Mister Member

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    Im not sure, how should some1 use your key?^^
    I just stored it in my backend, would need some changes to refresh it but i wouldnt rly mind.
    @EpvpDani do you see any (dis)adventage in it?
  3. EpvpDani

    EpvpDani Developer Staff Member

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    As long as you use your token only server sided and don't share it with anyone it should be safe.

    At the moment there is no way to renew tokens, as those are generated manually on our side. But if I have some extra time in future I can try to implement something that allows to retrieve and reset your token

    If you know for sure that your token has been compromized, make sure to contact us via support at autoattackgames dot net (or PM me here on the forums) and I can send you a new one + terminate the old one.