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Reset profile / IngameShop / Icons

Discussion in 'Help & Support' started by Lüneburger, Sep 2, 2018.

  1. Lüneburger

    Lüneburger Member

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    Profile :

    I am not happy with my statistics and my name and would like to reset them.

    How can i make a new profile or how i can reset my old one.

    IngameShop :

    I have much essenses but cant buy something in the shop.

    "no items available : Shop is not implemented"

    This message is there since start of the game.

    Icons :

    How I can unlock Icons, except with level Up.

    for example Icons of Units , i see much Players who got them, but i have not a single one.

    Sorry for my bad english, im from germany
  2. Marchombre

    Marchombre Member

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    Hey !

    I'm not sure you can reset your profile. To make a new one, I guess you have to make an other account, thus buy an other copy of the game.

    About the store, you can see here that it's low priority for now. It will come later. For now, devs are focused on getting more people playing the game.

    Icons are unlocked with levels for creeps icons, and by dropping a unit card for the others. Dropping is based on luck. Each time one of your unit kill an opponent, you have a really small percentage of chance to drop the corresponding card.
    Some players have played 200+ games before dropping a single card.
    If you want to maximize your chance of getting a unit card, you'll have to spam it, so it kills more. Keep in mind that it's really a small percentage, and that luck is pretty much everything concerning card drop.
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  3. EpvpDani

    EpvpDani Developer Staff Member

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    Yeah. Pretty much this.
    Only thing I would add maybe as a little explaination why exactly you cant reset your stats: It would be abused like hell and some people with high elo are already willing to buy a second copy for a smurf just to play against low rated players (for whatever reason, sometimes just to play with lower friends) and if everyone could reset their stats there would be no point in having stats at all because your elo will determine your skill peak to give you fair and fun matches instead of having random opponents. However the stats / your elo are reset at each season (at least they got reset already going from season 1 to the current season 2 so you might just wanna wait until this reset happens for everyone)