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Season 5 is Coming

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jules, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. Jules

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    Hey everyone! Just wanted to share a progress update and tentative timeline of things to come.

    We've been hard at work on Lobby 2.0, our major code refactor that allows the game to scale and handle thousands of players online concurrently. It's akin to rebuilding a plane mid-flight. Lobby 2.0 is necessary before we can do a free-to-play weekend and larger marketing efforts to grow the game.

    This month, we're completing and releasing two major components of Lobby 2.0:
    • Matchmaking 2.0, which leverages Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab matchmaking system
    • Server 2.0, which offers improved reliability, better debugging, and potential fixes to network issues in Germany and Russia
    November will also bring patch v4.06 and the Masters Cup V from November 30 - December 1. Sign-up and tournament details coming soon.

    As of Monday, we decreased the Euro price of the game from 19.99€ to 16.99€. Most Steam games are priced with the same $ and € because Steam defaulted to a higher Euro price to offset value-added taxes. In an effort to be fair, we're lowering the price, which we also hope will also attract more players.

    Season 4 End
    • December 13: Season 4 ends at 6pm PST
    • December 14-15: 4v4 Classic Queue-only weekend
    • December 16: Season 5 begins. Patch v5.00. Full Shrine release. Ranked games re-enabled.
    Players are eligible for the following rewards:

    Level badges are based on the level you achieve by the end of the season (minimum level 4).

    04.png 05.png 06.png 29.png

    Ranked badges and loading screen borders are based on your peak rating in season 4. You are not penalized for dropping below a tier you already achieved.
    • Bronze: Finish the season at least 900 rating
    • Silver: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 1200
    • Gold: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 1400
    • Platinum: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 1600
    • Diamond: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 1800
    • Expert: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 2000
    • Master: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 2200
    • Senior Master: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 2400
    • Grandmaster: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 2600
    • Legend: Achieve a peak season 4 rating of 2800

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    Season end on Friday the 13th. That's balls:p
  4. zun4man

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    Please bring us 4vs4 ranked back :-(.