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Serpent Legion

Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by A.Crowley, May 21, 2020 at 1:37 PM.

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    Edit: Sorry, posted to wrong forum; this post belongs in Design Room. I don't know how to move it or delete it

    Just ideas on a new legion, might be cool someday if it could be balanced.

    Tier 1 Asp - Slow melee attack, adds damage over 2 seconds effect (doesn't stack)
    Upgrades to
    Komodo - Slow melee attack, adds a damage over 2 seconds affect that can stack with Asp effect, but does not stack with itself

    Tier 2 Viper - melee attack. Moves fast
    Upgrades to
    Two-headed Viper - melee attack. Moves fast. 2 attacks at the same time, when it dies, it turns into 2 Vipers

    Tier 3 Cobra - short-range attack (striking animation). Has an energy bar. 10 energy to apply a damage-over-time effect that lasts the whole round. Effect targets any enemy within attack range that does not already have the effect. Does not stack.
    Upgrades to
    Spitting Cobra - short-range attack (striking animation). Has an energy bar. Same as Cobra, but a different effect that can stack with the Cobra effect but cannot stack with itself. Spitting Cobra effect will target enemies at long range who are not already affected (spitting animation)

    Tier 4 Crocodile - melee Tank. 2 upgrade options
    Medusa - melee warrior. Attacks stun enemies for 1 second, not bosses. Stone animation on stunned victims
    Anaconda - melee Tank. Animation of wrapping around enemies that are attacking it, slowing their attack

    Tier 5 Isis - very short range (more than melee) attack (swinging staff animation) that can hit up to 5 targets. Has aura granting slow, continuous regeneration to allies touching it at the start of the round
    Upgrades to
    Quetzalcoatl - Flying. Ranged attack that does splash damage. Same aura as Isis.

    Tier 6 Horus - Ranged attack. Has an energy bar, when full does a splash damage attack at short range, using up all energy
    Upgrades to
    Ra - Flying, looks bright/sun-like. Ranged attack. Energy bar with attack like Horus
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