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Server 2.0

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Jules, Jan 23, 2020.

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    We just released our Server 2.0 update, which is a major refactor to our lobby server, game server, and matchmaking code. This has been our development focus for the past 6 months. The goal of this update is to improve long-run scalability and stability.
    • Scalability means the ability to support tens of thousands of concurrent players
    • Stability means higher uptime and fewer bugs
    Technical improvements:
    • Matchmaking across different lobbies instead of only within a single lobby. Multiple lobbies are needed to support a larger player base.
    • Monitoring servers in real-time, which improves our ability to debug issues.
    • Servers run off of a completely new Microsoft Azure-based framework instead of AWS.
    • Complete refactor to the way servers spin up and down.
    • New logic for how players connect and reconnect to servers.
    • New matchmaking algorithm, which leverages Microsoft’s Azure PlayFab matchmaking system.
    What you'll notice:
    • A "Waiting for players..." message when a match is found. If a player fails to connect, the matchmaker will re-queue everyone instead of starting the game with a missing player.
    • No more "Find me any game as soon as possible" button for players rated 1500+. Our new matchmaker is smarter about accelerating and adjusting for the number of players online.
    • Some differences in matchmaking logic. We'll be monitoring and doing adjustments as needed.
    • Improved Classic queue positioning. The matchmaker now prioritizes pairing similarly skilled players in lane match-ups.
    Other than that, if we did things correctly, you shouldn't notice too many changes. If you encounter any bugs, please report them on the forums or Discord.

    Server 2.0 is a big milestone for the development of Legion TD 2 and the foundation for a better game. Our plan is to market the game and do a free-to-play weekend this year to grow the player base and really take off. Thank you for your support.