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Spell Damage & Mana Gain

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Jules, Mar 6, 2019.

  1. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Last updated: December 14, 2019 (v5.00)

    Every instance of damage is:
    1. Autoattack or spell
    2. Impact, pierce, magic, or pure
    Impact, pierce, magic, and pure attacks deal varying amounts of damage, depending on the defending unit's defense type. The full matrix is below:


    Spell damage is any source of damage that isn't dealt by the unit's autoattack. Spell damage can be impact, pierce, magic, or pure.

    The following abilities can amplify or reduce spell damage:
    • Sorcerer (legion spell)
    • Rogue Wave's Delusion
    • Daphne's Mark Target
    • Safety Mole's Safety Aura
    The following abilities deal spell damage:
    • King Claw's Shell Shock
    • Eggsack's Azurite Shell
    • Aqua Spirit's Water Bounce (just the bounced attack)
    • Rogue Wave's Delusion (just the bounced attack)
    • Fire Elemental's Combustion (the bounced attack + the burn damage on both targets)
    • Violet's Lightning Strike
    • Disciple's Mana Burst
    • Starcaller's Asteroid
    • Fire Archer's Flaming Arrows
    • Buzz's Anaphlaxis (currently bugged & not amplified by spell damage amplification)
    • Consort's Paraphylaxis (currently bugged & not amplified by spell damage amplification)
    • Honeyflower's Fragrance
    • Deathcap's Noxious Scent
    • Banana Bunk's Barbs
    • Banana Haven's Thorns
    • Zeus' Power Surge
    • Pyro's Pyromancy (just the splashed damage)
    • Tempest's Machine Gunner
    • Leviathan's Bombardier
    • Berserker's Brawler
    • Fatalizer's Duelist
    • Millennium's Explosive Shells
    • Doomsday Machine's Detonation
    • Great Boar's Stampede
    • Red Eyes' Thunderous Charge
    • Masked Spirit's Spectral Scream (all 3 attacks)
    • False Maiden's Spectral Scream (all 3 attacks)
    • Hell Raiser's Spectral Scream (all 3 attacks)
    • Yozora's Wintry Touch
    • Arctaire's Frozen Veil
    Mana amplification effects affect all sources of mana regeneration and mana gain.

    The following abilities can amplify mana regeneration and mana gain:
    • Magician (legion spell)
    • Starcaller's Amplify Magic
    The following are affected:
    • All mana regeneration
    • Angler's Junior Fisherman
    • Bounty Hunter's Commercial Fisherman
    • Proton's Generator
    • Atom's Generator
    • Disciple's Intellect
    • Starcaller's Intellect
    • Head Chef's Necromancy
    • Lord of Death's Intellect
    • Hades' Intellect and Necromancy
    • Zeus' Magnetic Accelerator
    • Harpy's Acrobatics
    • Sky Queen's Acrobatics and Crimson Claws
    • Great Boar's Stampede
    • Red Eyes' Thunderous Charge
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  2. s0n0fagun

    s0n0fagun Member

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    I seem to be a bit confused.
    Since mana is indicated with a blue bar (under the hp bar), I seem to be missing out on a few that are not mentioned on your list:
    - Violet
    - Gateguard/Harbringer
    - Desert Pilgrim/Lost Chieftan

    ;) ;)
  3. jitsuc4

    jitsuc4 Moderator

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    The ones you mentioned only have base mana regeneration, no special mechanics.
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  4. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Updated as of v4.05
  5. Cornep

    Cornep Member

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    Just to confirm, the units gain mana fractions that will eventually be proper mana counted towards the kingpin damage? Or the mana gain is like 1.15 per mob and the 0.15 is ignored after since mana of anglers is not fractions?
  6. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Yes. It should be 1.x per mob, since mana can be fractional.
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  7. David05

    David05 Member

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    I feel like this needs to be much more clear in-game. How can you expect a new player to learn this.
  8. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Updated to patch v5.00.
    Mana amplification effects (Starcaller and Magician) are designed in a way to be as easy as possible to learn. Every form of mana regeneration or mana gain is amplified, so you don't have to worry about nuances.

    I re-read the conversation above, and I think there is some ambiguity in some of the replies that is causing confusion. s0n0fagun was confused why some units like Violet and Gateguard were not listed under "mana gain." The reason they were not listed is that they just have standard mana regeneration, which is, of course, affected by mana amplification effects. The ones that are listed are specifically those abilities that players might be confused about (e.g. "Does mana amplification affect Great Boar's Stampede?"). And the answer to all of those questions is "Yes." Jitsuc's response was technically correct, though it could have been worded better, so it confused you and made you think it's more complicated than it is.

    tldr: Does X mana thing get amplified by Starcaller and Magician? Yes.