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Steenis Halloween Cup 2020 - Oct 31th - 5pm CET (300$ Prize pool & Steeni Coin Special)

Discussion in 'Tournaments & Leagues' started by Steeni, Oct 2, 2020.

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    Countdown to tournament start

    Player List

    Sign-up Instructions

    You may sign up as a single player. The first 50 players to sign up will be guaranteed a spot; the rest will be waitlisted. (You can only sign up as solo player, its not allowed to sign up as a team.)


    ● You must have an average peak curent season rating of 1500+ to sign up
    ● Single sign-up begins NOW and ends Oct 29th at 11pm PST

    ● To sign up , type /signup in Global Chat.


    Saturday, Oct 31

    ● Check-in: 7:40am PST (4:40pm CET) at tournament-checkin
    ● Games: 8:00am PST (5:00pm CET)

    To check-in, players must be present. Any player that is not checked-in before 7:50am PST (4:50pm CET) will be immediately disqualified.


    Every player that fully participates without dropping out will be awarded a random Steam Key.

    1st Place

    ● 150$

    ● Steeni Coin (real silver badge)


    2nd Place

    ● 100$

    3rd Place

    ● 50$

    Viewer Prize

    Every spectator of the tournament stream will be granted the chance of winning a 20€ steamcard. On the tournament day there will be a lottery for the steamcard, more information will be provided on the tournament day.


    ● All Legions and MM are available. Each team may ban one legion; MM cannot be banned.
    ● 6-game Swiss. Top 4 teams advance to playoffs
    ● The playoffs will be single eliminations matches without a losers braket.
    ● Randomize teams shortly before the tournament, with a specific method still be to determined. Maybe drawing names out of a hat on stream or something similar.

    Other Rules

    ● If a team/player is afk/does not show up 10 minutes past the sheduled time for a match, the team/player will get a default loss for this match. If a player/team misses the 10m dealine 2 times in a row, it will get a default loss for the whole tournament. (We set this rule quite harsh for the tournament because we dont want to create too long waitings for other players)

    Dropping from the tournament

    ● Dropping from the tournament after it has started ruins the experience for others. If you must drop, please find a substitute.
    If you wish to drop from the tournament, tag Steeni in tournament-lobby.

    Lobby Creation, Side Selection, & Player Positions

    ● The top team (the team that is displayed on top in the Challonge bracket) creates the custom game lobby.
    ● The top team selects its preferred side (west or east).
    ● The bottom team selects its preferred player positions
    ● The top team selects its preferred player positions
    ● Once both teams confirm they are ready, the game can be started

    Reporting Results

    ● The winning team must screenshot and report the game results to tournament-results.

    Game-impacting Bugs, Disconnects, & Remakes

    ● In general, we will not honor remake requests. Legion TD 2 is an Early Access game, and there will inevitably be bugs. Remakes cause delays that compromise the entire tournament's schedule and also encourage players to cheat by disconnecting or reporting a bug if they are losing or have bad rolls.
    ● You should not request a remake, unless it's an obviously critical bug, such as being unable to deploy fighters.
    ● Pathing and targeting issues generally will not be considered worthy of a remake.
    ● You cannot ask the opposing team for permission to remake. That decision is made by the staff, not the opposing team.
    ● To request a remake, you must:
    1. Record your games
    2. Notify the opposing team that you are requesting a remake immediately at the time of the game-impacting bug.
    3. Notify Steeni in tournament-lobby that you are requesting a remake immediately at the time of the game-impacting bug.
    4. Share video footage of the game-impacting bug with staff.

    Staff will review the video and make a decision based on (1) the severity of the bug, (2) the state of the game, and (3) implications on the tournament's schedule. If it is determined that the bug critically impacted the team's ability to win and if remaking wouldn't disrupt the tournament's schedule, a remake may be granted.

    Tournament Director: Steeni
    Caster: Steeni
    Stream: twitch.tv/steeni69

    Sponsoring: Steeni & AutoAttack Games & www.holz-eheringe.de
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