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Discussion in 'Feature Requests' started by IQ_999, Oct 5, 2020.

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    I have not found this in previous threads - but it might already have been mentioned.
    For ppl playing alot premade with the same partner, it would be cool to have a team Elo not or just slightly (to prevent abuses) affecting the normal elo.
    This could work by assigning a team of 2 players, that however get a startingelo (maybe average[+/-x]).
    When playing together they are handled as both having this team elo
    - Assign a premade team of 2 players
    - get a starting Elo
    - playing in this team just affects team elo not normal one
    - for others it is handled as both players have this elo
    - premade leaderboard

    - Players with higher Elo-differences can play together without inacceptable "+elo adjustment" due to abuse-prevention. (The "+elo" in team is good to prevent abuses, but terrible if u wanna bring the game to new ppl (there is no unranked, and classic is not the same) or play with someone who just had a down while u had an up especially in higer elo where this really kicks in - +150 for duo party when your difference is about 250 means - lets better play solo)
    -The absue to push one player wont work in assigned team since they get an elo together, so there is nothing to push but their premade elo.
    - It is an interesting tool for further Tournament assignments as team
    - No necessarity for smurf account. Well my mate and me both boght the game a 2nd time to get "premade accounts" This was ok since we said the game deserves the support and we are willing to support it this way. But I can understand ppl that say "I wont buy a game twice". In addition after each reset we have to smurf up again. And cards/stats we get there are on another account. Since shop should be added soon there should be better ways to support than another account.
    - it could support the growth of the competitive scene since existing teams are more likeley to look for tournaments.
    - premade elo would take some elo out of the normal leaderboard - this would slow down and reduce the sky -rocketing of the elo in general (can be a con as well)

    -Depending on assignmentmethod of startingelo there are several possibilities of abuses in high elo, where we need a solution. Let's say you get a starting elo based on your elo average (would mean less smurfing). But Hig elo palyers can make a team with 2,8k elo then and start qeueing for a game. Another hig elo duo does it same time with a normal premade and the "+elo" adjustment. If they get matched (high probability in high elo) the premade team delivers an intentional loss boosting the normal elo of the others that can give it back same way. Since they can team up with each other generating a high "team-elo" to feed away.
    =>So maybe the elo given to a team at start could be capped to something about 2k - this reduces smurfing and abuse and is the point where the premade punishment actually kicks in hard.

    To prevent mass smurfing this means it could be helpful to:
    - limit team creation to a maximum of active teams
    - limit team creation depending on a time window in addition.

    Maybe this would be placed better in the "general forum" for discussion i'm not sure, but since it is a request as well I placed it here.
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