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This is a joke right?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by oli, Oct 10, 2018.

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  1. oli

    oli Member

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    was into a game with a bad af/trolling Player spammed bone mages ahd 10 on wave 13 with no strong Units to utelize them leaked all game i wanted to ff because playing was a waste of time he never did so i sold all Units and now i get the suspenion wtf??? is this a fucking joke????
    edit: had half his leak value although i leaked 15 completly do i really have to waste my time in games that are decided since wave 3??
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  2. Marchombre

    Marchombre Member

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    Well, what you did is an offense which deserve suspension.

    Your mate might be trolling (then, report him, and he'll get suspended if that the case) , but that doesn't justify your behavior.

    Imagine if we applied your way of thinking to real crimes :
    "he killed my wife and my son, so I want him to suffer the same and I killed his family"

    Well, he might have done something horrifying, but that doesn't lower the gravity of murdering his family.

    Well, that's the same thing on a smaller sale here.
    His behavior doesn't excuse yours.
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  3. EpvpDani

    EpvpDani Moderator

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    Yes, selling all your units is counted as griefing and will get you suspended automatic because no matter how bad your teammate is you are the one griefing the game if you sell all your units and give up early without the consent of your teammate.

    If you want to discuss the details or make a ban appeal you can do it here: https://legiontd2.com/community/forums/player-reports-ban-appeals.50/

    I will close this thread because we are not discussing bans in public

    Also I'd recommend you reading this FAQ about bannable behavior if you're not familiar with the rules: https://legiontd2.com/community/threads/bannable-behavior-faq.16240/

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