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Tier 1 units, my view on their strengths

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Bongoblue, Oct 23, 2018.

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    Hi! So since I just hit top 20 on the leaderboards (and therefore am hot shit) I feel like I have a pretty good grasp of the game at the moment and I want to try to make some guides for the game.

    This will not be a power ranking but rather a look into each T1 unit and see how to most favorably use them

    Looter/ Pack rat

    this is a cool unit. It has 2 (or maybe 3) things going for it in my mind.

    * Pack rat's ability Treasure Hunt. The ability to lose the Pack Rat a turn to get 10 mythium may seem risky but this ability helps you in two cases.
    1. If you are strong for this specific wave. If you have banana haven on 11 and 12, Aqua combo on 7 and 8, chances are you could go a bit below the recommended value for those waves. But instead of pushing workers too hard and therefore leak the coming waves where you are weak, this unit allows you to cheat the system and get some "poor man's workers" for the turns you are strong just to come back and help you fight off harder waves later on.
    2. If you are weak a specific wave. No magic on 15? Stay over value to prepare for 15 while treasure hunting 13 and 14. This is a similar approach as the first point but with a different mindset.

    * The price of the Looter. Being a 10 gold unit this is the cheapest unit in the game. This helps you to spread your gold more efficiently but most of all makes for a good cheap spam unit. Why would you want to spam units? In my mind, it's mostly to help if you have a Head Chef but most of all Hades spam, units that regain mana as units die.

    * Being a unit with impact damage. This is a fairly vague point since T1 units generally don't help too much but you don't want to put too much focus on impact damage later on in the game, considering it is bad vs most of the waves post 10. it is therefore a help on specifically wave 13, since 13 counters some of the more popular late game units (Sky Queen, Banana Haven, Kingpin).

    Pollywag/ Devilfish (Seraphine)

    Being a magic type ranged unit, Pollywag has some nice things going for it

    * It is a counter to wave 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6. Waves 2, 4 and 6 being impact makes Pollywag, and especially Devilfish a great tank on these waves with its large hp- pool and swift defensive type. Waves 3 and 5 being natural defensive types makes Pollywag, and especially Seraphine great damage dealers on these waves. Very good considering there are few magic damage options early on and midgame magic damage becomes pretty much irrelevant.

    * Since it is a ranged unit it is a good and cheap split unit. with only 3 Pollywags it is pretty easy to steer the waves where you want them to go (this point may need an explanation on splitting, which to be honest I'm not the best at).

    Tip: Pair this unit up with Rangers. Being a ranged unit it wont die before your tanks die and Rangers making units take a fixed more amount of damage from every damage source, spamming Pollywags will make the most of that ability

    Bone Warrior/ Fire Archer/ Dark mage/ Bone Crusher

    Being a unit with 3 upgrades, the Bone family gives you plenty of options throughout the game.

    * An unit with regeneration. Regeneration is an ability which is good early on in the game. Mid game lifesteal takes over while Damage reduction takes over lategame. Regeneration being good early on since early waves simply do not have the damage to take your regenerating units out very fast, allowing them to snowball with their regeneration. Since regeneration is at its peak before waves become stronger and kill your units too fast to make use of the ability, it is a very strong ability to have on a T1 unit. Bone Crushers can usually tank the early part of waves good while Fire Archers often outlast the last minions of early waves.

    * Dark Mage's ability Mind Warp helps your damage dealers to do damage even faster. Especially good with units that snowball with attack speed (Doppelgangers and Sky Queens comes to mind). Since Mind Warp deals damage to the unit your Dark Mage buff, it's preferable to give that unit some lifesteal or regeneration of some sort.

    Proton/ Atom

    Being probably the most neutral unit in the game with its pure and immaterial types, the Proton (but most the Atom) is a unit that can do it all.

    * Flexible unit since it has a great HP pool as well as some nice damage that scales the more dragged out the wave becomes. I usually don't mind pairing up my Atoms with either a Whitemane to get some early usage out of the aura or APS/ MPS to make them attack faster later on when their damage goes up a bit with the ability "generator". Gets the job done in the early game if you don't have too much else to offer.

    * Proton being a cheap, ranged unit makes it a good split unit, with the same logic being applied as in the Pollywag situation.

    Buzz/ Consort

    In all honesty, not a unit I have used all that much myself. It is however a fairly strong unit early on, having the great defensive type "natural" for wave 2, 4 and 6 while its pierce damage is solid on wave 2, 4, 7 and 8. Anaphylaxis is a pretty cool ability but more than that I don't have too much more to add about this T1 unit. It is flying but I would not build a Leviathan for it (same goes for Seraphine which I did not mention).

    Peewee/ Veteran

    A very tanky T1 unit with arcane as its defensive type, the Peewee and the Veteran makes for probably the strongest tank in the game vs magical damage.

    * Being a T1 unit, the Pierce/ Arcane combo of the Veteran makes it one of the biggest wave 7 and 8 counters in the game, alongside the Aqua combo and the Serpent. Since magic damage is non existent waves 16 to 19 (where most games mostly ends), people usually don't pick up arcane tanks as their more expensive units but rather tanks with Natural/ Fortified armor. This makes the Veteran a solid tank to pull out for waves 14 and 15.

    * The ability Stimpack helps you on waves you are weaker or need an extra push of Pierce damage. In these cases, it is preferable to put your Veterans behind your frontline to make the most use of the gold you spent to get some extra damage output. Some makes this ability a reason to pair this T1 unit up with APS/ MPS and spend gold to hold waves that are tougher for your build.


    There it is. It's getting late so I won't proofread. Also english being my second language there might be some things that sounds weird in the text. I hope this helps someone out there, feel free to give feedback or to agree/ disagree with this post. If enough people enjoyed the read I may do some more posts similar to this one

    EDIT: Fixed defensive type for Buzz/ Consort
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  2. jitsuc4

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    Note that Buzz/Consort are natural armor.

    Wave 18 is 40% magic damage. (doesn't really change your point, just a reminder there's an ability on that wave)

    Other than that, great post.
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  3. Bongoblue

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    Right, thanks. Just tells you how much I have been playing with the unit hehe. Fixing this part.