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Unique Legion-Specific Mercenaries

Discussion in 'Design Room' started by foliesseer, Apr 16, 2018.


Which Mercenaries did you like?

  1. Firefly

    4 vote(s)
  2. Dust Elemental

    4 vote(s)
  3. Hellhound

    2 vote(s)
  4. Necromancer

    5 vote(s)
  5. Venomous Widow

    3 vote(s)
  6. Toxitoad

    3 vote(s)
  7. Sniper

    4 vote(s)
  8. Air Support

    4 vote(s)
  9. None :(

    1 vote(s)
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  1. foliesseer

    foliesseer Member

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    I think it would be cool if you play a Legion like Element (for example) and that you could send 2 mercenaries that are based on your Legion. So if I would be Element, I would be able to send a 0-cost unit called Firefly that kind of fulfills the same role as a Proton and a 100-cost unit called Dust Elemental that is a DPS unit that can attack 3 units at once.
    And taking Forsaken as an example, they could have a 120-cost unit called Hellhound which is kind of a Magic/Natural type of Dino unit and a 360-cost unit called Necromancer which has an Aura that gives all mercenaries +10 Life on hit and summons Skeletons (kind of like cheap Bone Warriors) whenever a non-skeleton mercenary dies.

    Now you might ask why the Element units are 0 and 100-cost, but the Forsaken marcenaries are 120 and 360-cost. Well, making the Element mercenaries cheaper means that Element can send strong in the early-game while giving Forsaken a 360-cost Aura mercenary means that they can send extremely strong in the lategame on waves like 16 and 19.

    Here are just a few ideas of units I came up with that (in my opinion) would fit well with the Legions assigned to them.


    [​IMG] Magic / Immaterial
    0 Mythium, 0 Income

    Small All-round unit which gives 2 gold to the opponent when killed.

    Health 110
    ATK. Power 8
    ATK. Speed 0.65
    Movement 250 (Hover)
    Range 150

    Ability: Unstable Matter
    Gives 2 Gold to the opponent when killed. When leaked, it gives you +2 Gold instead.

    The Firefly is a free mercenary that you can use to try and make your opponent leak. However, you don't want to send these regularly, since they give you no income but they give your opponent +2 gold. But when they leak the Firefly, you get that +2 Gold.
    The unit can be a little of a noob trap (giving the opponent an advantage when you keep sending these every single wave), but when used correctly they can be a gamechanger.

    Dust Elemental
    [​IMG] Pure / Arcane
    100 Mythium, 24 Income

    Ranged DPS unit that deals damage based on the Defense type of the enemy.

    Health 840
    ATK. Power 18
    ATK. Speed 1.15
    Movement 250 (Ground)
    Range 325

    Ability: Dust Strike
    This unit attacks 3 units at once.

    Ability: Adaptive
    This mercenary deals Pierce Damage to Swift and Arcane units, and Magic Damage against Natural and Fortified units.

    Dealing damage to 3 units, this mercenary deals 62,1 damage per second. This is also not including the weaknesses of the enemy units, so assuming the opponent has Swift units, this mercenary would deal 74,52 damage per second. Comparing it to a Drake, this unit deals a bit less damage and has less health but it deals Adaptive damage, which means it's more reliable against lanes with alot of mixed armor types. Its high range also allows it to stay out of range from AoE damage effects like Honeyflower.


    [​IMG] Magic / Natural
    120 Mythium, 32 Income

    Tanky Melee fighter which deals moderate damage.

    Health 1620
    ATK. Power 70
    ATK. Speed 0.80
    Movement 250 (Ground)
    Range 100 (Melee)

    This big, red doggo might not seem that strong at first: comapring it to a Dino, it only 400 extra Health and deals around 9 extra damage per second. But it deals Magic damage with its bite and has the Natural defense type, meaning it's a good tank against every damage dealer except for Magic, and a decent DPS against any tank except for Arcane tanks. This mercenary should definitely strike fear into your opponents when they are receiving sends from a Forsaken and they don't have a good way to deal with a Dino with a Natural-type defense.

    [​IMG] Pierce / Swift
    360 Mythium, 84 Income

    Ranged Mercenary that grants Life on-hit and summons Skeletons.

    Health 2950
    ATK. Power 120
    ATK. Speed 1.15
    Movement 250 (Ground)
    Range 400

    Ability: Lesser Leech
    Grants 10 Life on-hit to nearby creatures and mercenaries.

    Ability: Raise Dead
    Whenever a friendly creature or mercenary dies, summon a Skeleton.
    (You can't summon skeletons from other skeletons)

    [​IMG] Impact / Swift
    Necromancer Summon

    Health 85
    ATK. Power 10
    ATK. Speed 1
    Movement 325 (Ground)
    Range 100 (Melee)

    Ability: Skeletal Degeneration
    Degenerates 4% current health per second.

    The Necromancer is a great mercenary on waves that have alot of smaller creatures, like on 16 or 19. Not only does it give +10 Life on-hit to pretty much all creatures in the wave, but creatures that die summon a Skeleton which either takes aggro or deals a bit of damage. Sending a Necromancer on its own isn't really that great, but paired with a Pack Leader or a Safety Mole this could make the creatures in the lane unkillable monsters. But at the same time, you could send this unit on its own and it might do even less than a normal full aura send.
    So this mercenary is either amazing or not so great.. Either way, I think a mercenary like this one fits the theme of Forsaken well and it could make some interesting sends happen.


    Venomous Widow
    [​IMG] Pierce / Natural
    40 Mythium, 6 Income

    Melee Mercenary that deals alot of damage to a single target.

    Health 205
    ATK. Power 4
    ATK. Speed 0.9
    Movement 245 (Ground)
    Range 110 (Melee)

    Ability: Widow's Venom
    Each attack applies Widow's Venom, which deals 0.5% Max.HP Magic Damage per second.
    (Lasts for 12 seconds, and stacks up to 9 times.)

    A small, squishy DPS unit which dies to almost anything. However, with its 10 extra Range and arriving at the lane a bit later should make it a more reliable tank-buster. Tanks will take up to 4,5% of they Maximum HP per second. And lets not forget that the venom lingers on for 12 seconds...
    Well, since it gets so much support to not die, what is its weakness? Well, AoE is extremely effective against this little spider because of its low HP. It also dies after a few hits from single-target damage dealers. And it is not very effective against Arcane units, because of it's extremely low attack power and the Magic damage getting reduced. The income is also cut by 6, so if this dies for free you lose 6 gold per turn.
    This can be a really strong unit against tanks with no damage dealers that can mess you up, but it can also mess up your game plan pretty badly if it doesn't work out.

    [​IMG] Impact / Swift
    240 Mythium, 54 Income

    Climbs onto an ally's back or head to increase their stats.

    Health 1905
    ATK. Power 120
    ATK. Speed 1.13
    Movement 100 (Ground)
    Range 250
    Mana 10/10

    Ability: Hallucinations
    10 Mana
    Jump onto a mercenary or creature, increasing it's attack speed by 30%, damage by 35 and inflicts 3% Max.HP damage per second. When latched, restore 1% of your Max.HP per second.

    Ability: Pain Share
    Takes 20% of the Damage dealt to the host mercenary or creature as additional Pure Damage. This does not count for the damage inflicted by Hallucinations.

    This is a support-like unit like Dark Mage or Shaman. It (quite literally) jumps on the back or the head of a creature or mercenary and uses his toxins to take control over the body, increasing it's strengths but reducing it's health. Although there is no movement speed bonus, when the creature or mercenary arrives it deals alot of damage to the defending units.
    However, Toxitoad takes 20% of all damage dealt to the host creature. This means these two together take 120% damage per default. Besides that, if the host dies and the Toxitoad doesn't have enough mana to jump on another ally, it is very weak to getting hit by damage dealers. However, do no underestimate his own damage! If he can't find an ally that is stronger than him, it will buff itself with Hallucinations dealing an insane amount of damage per second. Then it will be really important to focus him down.
    Overall, it's a very solid support with up- and downsides. It might be extremely strong on waves like 15 if the mini-boss can stay alive and if it dies, it can jump on one of the creeps in the backline (if it doesn't get focused down hard enough). An extremely strong lategame support which can always be good.


    [​IMG] Pierce / Swift
    160 Mythium, 48 Gold

    Ranged Burst Damage dealer

    Health 440
    ATK. Power 780
    ATK. Speed 0.2
    Movement 250 (Ground)
    Range 600

    Ability: Overload
    After attacking and killing a unit, deal half of the excess damage to a nearby unit as Magic Damage.

    The sniper is a slow-attacking ranged unit that deals alot of damage. It is extremely strong against DPS-type units with ~1000-2000 Health. And after killing a unit, he will deal half of the damage that was 'wasted' on the first unit to another unit. He's not only a sniper, he is an efficient sniper.
    However, there are a few issues. The extremely low Health total makes it so as soon as it gets focused, it's basically dead. Besides that, if the opponent has alot of small units (like Bone Warriors), then the snipe and the bonus zap can be wasted on those.
    It's a very strong ranged unit, but the effectiveness can be nullified by quite a lot if the opponent decides to use very small units to soak up the hit.

    Air Support
    [​IMG] Impact / Fortified
    400 Mythium, 100 Gold

    Flying Tank that spawns fighters.

    Health 5565
    ATK. Power 215
    ATK. Speed 0.65
    Movement 400 (Flying)
    Range 125
    Mana: 0/5

    Ability: Support Fire
    Nearby creatures and mercenaries gan 10% Attack Speed and +10 Attack.

    Ability: Deploy
    5 Mana
    Deploy 2 Dire Veterans.

    Dire Veteran
    [​IMG] Impact / Fortified
    Air Support Summon

    Short-Ranged DPS mercenary.

    Health 645
    ATK. Power 31
    ATK. Speed 1.85
    Movement 265
    Range 150

    Ability: Huge Impact
    Takes 1% Max.HP damage for each attack.

    The Air Support is a great late-game tank-support unit. It is as tanky as the Kraken, however it is weak to spell bursts like those from Disciples and Zeus'. When this unit spawns, it will start regenerating mana. At 5 mana (so after 5 seconds), it will deploy 2 Dire Veterans and start regenerating mana again. It does this over and over until it is killed. Oh, and it will not interrupt its attack when it is deploying Dire Veterans, and Dire Veterans can be deployed when the Air Support is moving. So you really don't want to leak this mercenary.
    It kind of fulfills the same role as kraken: stall time. Kraken is good against stalling versus things like Disciples/Starcallers or Zeus, but the Air Support is great against low DPS. It will keep spawning Dire Veterans until it is cleared, but if you take too long it will take over and probably cause a terrifying king leak.
    I don't have much else to say than "Don't leak or lose".

    I might also make a few for Mastermind and Atlantic if people are interested.
    Also sorry for all the spelling and/or grammar mistakes made in this post, there are probably a hundred in there but you should get the general idea of what the units do.
    I hope this inspired the dev's a bit and I hope you enjoyed reading through this post :D.
  2. GvR Mr Mister

    GvR Mr Mister Member

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    I like the idea of race specific mercs :)
  3. Arioni

    Arioni Member

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    I like the idea of legion-specific mercenaries, but I have to say that Firefly seems like somewhat bad design; since it costs 0, you'll be sending it whenever you save. That's it. There's no other use for it, there's no outplaying going on there. You just send it along with everything else. All it really does is make Element's sends stronger overall, with no other aspect to it. It wouldn't be any different from just giving Element a passive that says "mercenaries are 2% stronger".

    In general, legion-specific mercenaries shouldn't be too high costing (Nothing above 240). It'd push those legions' strengths more towards the late-game, effectively nerfing said legions' early game (since all the other legions now have better early game sends).
    I like the idea of a mercenary costing 100 mythium though; I think it's a nice spot to be filled.
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  4. Nacccho

    Nacccho Member

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    I really liked the idea of race specific mercenaries, raelly, a lot!
    And the general ideas of your mercenaries are good aswell, but they all seem a bit too powerful with the exception of hound and the firefly.
    Really cool post, great effort man!