Update #21: Kickstarter Launches March 1st

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    We're excited to officially announce the upcoming Kickstarter on March 1st at 12 pm PST.

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    We're launching a Kickstarter to keep Legion TD 2 in the hands of passionate gamers, not outside investors. This preview is part of our overall vision of keeping players well-educated about the development process. By putting players first, we intend to design a Legion TD 2 that is even better than the original Legion TD.

    If you're reading this, help make Legion TD 2 a reality. It'll only take a minute. Here's how to get involved:
    • Tell your friends: legiontd2.com/kickstarter. As a self-funded team, we don't have a marketing department, so we need your help getting the word out.
    • Schedule a tweet or post for March 1st: legiontd2.com/thunderclap. Thunderclap is a platform that allows you to promote Legion TD 2 at the same time--for maximum impact. When you sign up, Thunderclap asks for permission. Don't worry - all it's going to do is post one message on March 1st. If you're active on Twitter and Facebook, sign up for both! :)
    • Pledge to become a backer: legiontd2.com/pledge. Just a Google form to let us know you plan on backing the project (nothing legally binding, don't worry). You'll also be automatically entered into a raffle to win a Legion TD 2 mousepad signed by Lisk, the designer of the original Legion TD and the lead designer of Legion TD 2.
    Last but not least, thank you. We truly believe in the Legion TD 2 vision, and consider it a privilege to be developing a game that so many people around the world are excited about. AutoAttack Games was founded on the premise of developing Legion TD 2. Two years in, and we're just as passionate as we were on day one.
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