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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Feb 17, 2018.

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    - Our 3rd team member Curing just officially started. Our plan is to release the first unit from the 5th legion in March.

    v1.76 Patch Notes
    Deployed 2018.2.20.1209

    New Major Feature: Legion Spells

    Legion Spells image_small.png

    Legion Spells are in-game upgrades that boost your economy, empower your units, or provide other benefits. At the start of the game, all players are given the same three randomized Legion Spells. After wave 10 ends, you must select and use one Legion Spell before wave 11 spawns.

    +100 Gold

    Press the Attack
    +80 Mythium

    +30 Income

    Full House
    +30 Supply Cap
    +30 Maximum Supply Cap (150 -> 180)

    +35 Gold
    +25 Mythium
    +10 Income

    +200 Gold
    -30 Income

    Convert all your gold into mythium at a rate of 3:2, or all mythium into gold at a rate of 2:3 (your choice)

    Undeploys one of your units for 100% value + 80 gold

    +400 Gold
    -4 Supply Used
    -4 Workers

    There is no harm in selecting Militia early. Mythium you would have lost by selecting Militia early is immediately given to you.

    +80 gold
    Heals the king by 20% missing life (does not reset Pillage)

    If multiple allies cast Savior, they will be used one after another.

    Designates one of your fighters as a hero
    - Increases health by 500
    - Grants Heroism Aura: Boosts defense and damage by 5%

    Corrupts one of your fighters into a villain
    - Increases health by 500
    - Grants Villainy: Autoattacks amplify damage taken by 16% (8% for ranged)

    +40 gold
    Swap up to 4 of your existing fighters for new fighters
    - You are presented with your current 6 fighters + 4 randomized fighters, and you choose 6
    - Works for both Mastermind and standard legions

    Giant Snail
    Your Snails are replaced by Giant Snails, which have 250% health and damage

    ...and more to come!

    Taxed Allowance
    +80 Gold
    (automatically occurs if you fail to select and use a Legion Spell before wave 11 spawns)

    Legion Spells are different than Enchantments (pre-game specs), which are coming at a later date.

    Matchmaking Updates

    - Party penalties decreased slightly (a 1600-1400-1200 trio is now less likely to get matched with a solo 1600)
    - “Find me any game as soon as possible” now increases the window of acceptable rating differences by 200, instead of completely removing the cap (this makes matchmaking stricter and safer for high rated players)
    - Now much easier to hit level 2 (allows new players to get into Casual Queue faster)

    Client Updates

    Global Chat
    - Now disabled by default. You must now click Enable Global Chat to join. This option will be saved to Options > Social.

    Chat Commands
    - Fixed a bug where /profile wasn't working on player names with spaces

    Game Systems Guide
    - Updated Cards info

    - Fixed a bug where clicking player towers didn't pan the camera properly when on East Team

    Game Updates

    - No longer guaranteed at least one T2/T3 fighter

    This was causing T1-T3 fighters to be too common because you’re already guaranteed at least one T1 fighter and at least one T1-T3 Arcane fighter.

    Bonus Damage
    - Now rounds to the nearest integer. For example, an 8% damage buff would give +1 damage to unit 10 base damage (previously it would have given it +0 damage)

    Model Sizes
    - Tweaked some unit model sizes (visual only)
    - Mind Warp and Blood Rush now increase the affected unit’s model size (visual only)

    Recommended Values
    - Tweaked for players and bots

    Leak Bounty
    - Fixed some cases where leak bounty was not rewarded properly (noticed especially on Granddaddy) (leaked_unit buff is now given at the end of mid lanes)

    Pathing Routes
    - Fixed some cases where units would return to the previous checkpoint

    Wave 21
    - Fixed some cases where waves stopped spawning

    Dual Building
    - Fixed a bug where the Haste buff would persist even if you sold all your towers (Dual Building status is now recomputed every wave)

    Game Balance

    Preparation timer
    - Wave 11: 34 seconds -> 45

    Longer preparation time to compensate for Legion Spells

    King green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per seconds): 0.83 -> 0.85
    - Judgment: Projectile speed: 2000 -> 3000
    - No longer affected by Carapace’s Deflection or Killer Slug’s Spell Resistance [bug fix]
    - Potential fix: no longer swaps back and forth between targets


    Dark Mage green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mind Warp: Attack speed: 60% -> 50%
    - Mind Warp: Movement speed: 0% -> 50%

    Green Devil green_arrow.png
    - Lacerate: Damage amplification against bosses: 1% (9% at max stacks) -> 2% (20% at max stacks) [bug fix]

    Butcher green_arrow.png
    - DPS: 57.8 -> 58.3
    -- Damage: 63 -> 67
    -- Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.92 -> 0.87

    Now perfectly 2-shots wave 3, making it a more viable opener

    Head Chef green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mana: 10 -> 30
    - Necromancy: Mana per dying unit: 1 -> 0.5

    Now casts Skull Stew more upfront, less reliant on Necromancy, and significantly less likely to get stuck at max mana

    Nightmare green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1250 -> 1300

    Doppelganger green_arrow.png
    - Health: 2600 -> 2750

    Making Nightmare and Doppelganger more viable picks in Mastermind

    Lord of Death green_arrow.png
    - Undead Dragon: Damage: 74 -> 78

    Hades green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mana: 10 -> 30
    - Necromancy: Mana per dying unit: 1 -> 0.5
    - Imp: Damage: 65 -> 55

    Now casts Raise Imp more upfront, less reliant on Necromancy, and significantly less likely to get stuck at max mana


    Daphne green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 97 -> 99
    - Nature’s Touch: Slow: 15% (77% at max stacks) -> 10% (61% at max stacks)

    Stronger but less abusive against waves 20 and 21


    Berserker green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per seconds): 1.3 -> 1.25
    - Brawler: Damage: 30 (60 to bosses) -> 30 (90 to bosses)

    Fatalizer green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per seconds): 1.3 -> 1.25
    - Brawler: Damage: 80 (160 to bosses) -> 80 (240 to bosses)

    Berserker and Fatalizer are now harder counters to wave 5, 10, 15, 20, and 21

    Millennium green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack type: Impact -> Pure

    Doomsday Machine green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack type: Impact -> Pure

    Mech had an overabundance of Impact damage

    - All movement speeds increased by 14%

    Dragon Turtle green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 760 -> 850
    - DPS: 37.4 -> 37.6
    -- Damage: 37 -> 38
    -- Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.01 -> 0.99
    - Range: 250 -> Melee

    Now a more effective Arcane tank early game

    Ghost Knight green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Now spawns further in front of the wave

    Shaman green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mana: 3 -> 10
    - Blood Rush: Attack speed: 15% -> 10%
    - Blood Rush: Movement speed: 0% -> 50%

    Now casts Blood Rush more upfront. Weaker on wave 20, stronger on other waves

    Kraken green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - No longer considered a “Boss unit” (this has little to no effect on Kraken’s balance)

    - All movement speeds increased by 14%
    - Waves 7-9, 11-19 buffed by 1-5%

    Waves are still too weak, and the introduction of Spells increases the amount of gold in the ecosystem, which makes waves even easier. We’re buffing them further to compensate.

    Making waves stronger in v1.75 was effective for 2 reasons:
    1. Stronger waves reduced worker spam in low Elo
    2. Stronger waves made long saves weaker in high Elo (for example, even though wave 11 was buffed, the % of games ending on 11 actually decreased because waves 8, 9, and 10 became more difficult to hold without income gold
    (7) Sludges green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 34 -> 35

    (8) Kobra green_arrow.png
    - Health: 530 -> 560

    (9) Carapaces green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 45 -> 47
    - Deflection: No longer affects the king

    (11) Quill Shooters green_arrow.png
    - Health: 870 -> 960

    (12) Mantises green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1050 -> 1100
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.95 -> 1

    (13) Drill Golems green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3000 -> 3100
    - Damage: 180 -> 195

    (14) Killer Slugs green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1750 -> 1800
    - Damage: 113 -> 120
    - Spell Resistance: No longer affects the king

    (15) Quadrapuses green_arrow.png
    - Giant Quadrapus: Health: 7600 -> 8200
    - Giant Quadrapus: Damage: 500 -> 520
    - Quadrapus: Health: 1900 -> 2050
    - Quadrapus: Damage: 125 -> 130

    (16) Cardinals green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1500 -> 1600
    - Damage: 100 -> 105

    (17) Metal Dragons green_arrow.png

    - Health: 2800 -> 2900
    - Damage: 145 -> 155

    (18) Dire Toads green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3000 -> 3100

    (19) Wale Chiefs green_arrow.png

    - Health: 4400 -> 4500
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  2. Justrazer

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    :) :) *hyped*
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2018
  3. mightyBroccoli

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  4. Cornep

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    I am so hyped for this patch, I can see this being 120% the best patch in the 9 months i've been around!

    Does "Full House" Increase the cap on supply, as in you can go above 150 supply to 180 OR does it give you 30 supply and say you go from 17/30 to 17/60?

    Does "Hero" affect only 1 lane, a part of 1 lane, or the entire team?

    Does "Villain" proc from spells? Like does a Deathcap spread the debuff to the entire wave? Does the debuff have a duration or can something like an Aqua be used to proc it, or Banana haven? Does it work with banana haven thorns, only 1 of the auto attack or all autoattacks? Does it proc from aqua bounce?

    Does "Giant Snail" give more charges? Faster re-supply? More income?

    I love the tuning to the "YOLO" button, looks great!

    I am amazed how great Mech looks, I might have to change from mastermind and go back to my old love :)

    The Merc movement speeds, and shaman movement speed buff will be really nice, definitely change things up. Will lizards, hermit and shaman move to aqua bounce range with wave 10 now though?

    Love the Mana changes coming live, will definitely feel better not losing units at max mana like this
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  5. Lyrcay

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    whole new game :eek:
    so cool :eek:

    a hero whitemane boosting the squid army even more :eek:
    or a villain deathcap, cant choose !

    quick quick before the grove nerf
  6. Jules

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    It's a relatively small aura radius.
    Right now, only autoattacks proc it, including all 3 of Banana Haven's attacks. Bouncing attacks (Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave, Fire Elemental) should, but I have to talk with Lisk first to make sure it's not too hard to implement.
    Intentionally no. We don't want Snail-only spam to become a thing. If Giant Snail is underpowered, we'll buff the stats further, though I think it's already pretty good.
    They should still generally stay out of range.
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  7. Crazysheep

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    Awesome :).thx a lot. Time to sleep and Test it in 10h :)).
  8. Justrazer

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    Are you sure we can test it in 10h ? :)
  9. ThiagoLA92

    ThiagoLA92 Member

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    I have to select AND use before wave 11 or can i select and use on wave X?
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  10. Jaskr

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    Will it be possible to use these power-ups once or every wave or do they have a cooldown?
    Cause if its just once i think +100g or 80myth are pretty Bad then.

    But still HYPE
  11. Star

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    Hero/Villain: What when the Hero/Villain unit is upgraded? Will the upgraded tower still have these effects?
  12. Tobbie

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    One thing Id like to say is that it says you will get the "Taxed Allowance +80 Gold (automatically occurs if you fail to select and use a Legion Spell before wave 11 spawns)

    Lets say a new player is looking at these. And they forget to pick one. Maybe give them taxed allowance with 10 seconds left before wave starts so they can say oh shoot better build. I have seen masterminds forget to pick and then wave 1 starts and they leak the whole wave (Not as bad in wave 1 but could be very painful wave 11)

    So if there is 60 seconds to pick a spell after 50 seconds it gives you taxed allowed and is a wake up call for people to build.
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  13. Jules

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    You must select and use it before wave 11. We strongly considered allowing use on wave X but decided against it because it actually limits the design space and can make the game have too much twitch reaction. For example, Militia becomes broken to use right before wave 15 ends. Transmute becomes broken in general. Savior forces you to always watch the king's life and use it at exactly the right moment. I agree it's cool to be able to use Legion Spells at any time, and it's something we're happy to reconsider in the future.
    I expect that will be a lot of people's first reactions, but in practice, simple stat boosts can be really effective. We'll see!
    Legion Spells unlock at level 3 specifically for this reason - it's information overload for new players.
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  14. darkfists

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    Changes look great, can't wait :)
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  15. ThiagoLA92

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    Loan & Militia
    If i don't have 30 income or 4 workers, can i pick these spells? They will even show as options to pick?
  16. Jules

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    Yes. It's uncommon and almost never optimal to have fewer than 30 income or 4 workers by wave 11. If you do, it means you're very behind, and we like that some Legion Spells offer comeback potential. If there's an abuse case, we'll make a change.
  17. Bluejin

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    Nice ideas, and I really like how the spells feel impactful. Though I have two questions on which I'd like your insight :
    1. Why did you chose to randomize the spells presented? Because it feels to me that some spells are highly situational and either bunkers in some situations and useless in others. As an example, let's say you save as a team on 11, then you roll transmute. Suddenly you have the option to send an extra GK on 11, which will potentially destroy your opponent completely, otherwise you really don't want to transmute.
    2. Why did you chose to force us to play that spell between 10 and 11? Having a certain amount of choice on when to play your spell would make more sense to me, though that would probably force you to "scale" the spells somewhat with the waves. To exemplify what I mean with a comparison to summoners in LoL : Between minutes 10 and 11, you get to flash once, wheater you need it or not.

    Thanks in advance

    Edit : One more question : Will/Should the opposing team be able to see which spells I chose?
  18. ithion

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  19. jitsuc4

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    The 1k unit cap likely will have to change as well, although that will mostly be custom games :)
  20. holepercent

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    Should be fun to try out although not sure if giving each player 3 randomised legion spells is leaving too much to chance and having games being determined by options the players have no control over. At least with mastermind rolls, you CAN choose in a such a way to be semi-balanced.
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