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Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Jules

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    Season 1 ends April 9th!

    On April 9th at noon PST, rating changes will temporarily turn off, season reward badges will be given out, and ratings will be soft-reset (everyone will move closer to 1200).

    Big sale and marketing push on April 19th!
    On April 19th, Legion TD 2 will be 50% off and featured on the front page of Steam for one day. If you have a friend who's on the fence about the game, now's the chance for them to play! We're also working with some big influencers to help promote the game around this time.

    2v2 continues!
    After a lot of evaluation, we're excited to keep 2v2 as the primary game mode for Legion TD 2. We know that this is a big change that may upset some of you, and we hope you understand that this decision was not made lightly. 2v2 is necessary for matchmaking to work. As the playerbase grows, we'll consider re-adding 4v4, but it's just not logistically possible right now. 4v4 will remain available in custom games.

    If you care about Legion TD 2, we hope you can allow the game to grow and adapt gracefully, rather than try to undermine it.

    A few of the other v2.00 changes led to some frustrations, and we heard your feedback. We're confident those changes were unrelated to 2v2 and are addressed this patch.

    Right now, Curing is hard at work on a new and improved 2v2 map, which we plan to release this month!

    210 patch small.jpg

    v2.10a Patch Notes
    Deployed 2018.4.10.1241 PDT

    Player Profiles

    - Peak rating for *this season* is now tracked and displayed. This will be used for future Season Rewards

    Game Event Notifications
    - Fixed a bug where Legion Spell notifications appeared to always be coming from the current player

    Wave Info
    - Now shows Recommended Value again

    - Fixed some cases where reconnecting after a dropped connection didn’t work (GameID is now force-reset upon reconnecting)

    v2.10 Patch Notes
    Deployed 2018.4.9.1350 PDT

    Game Interface Updates

    NEW! Game Notifications v2.0
    - Important game events now have their own notifications. This helps make it easier for players to know what's going on in the game.
    - Pings when you clear or leak
    - Pings when you or the other team leaks to king
    - A variety of other notifications not listed here
    - Fixed a variety of inconsistencies with notifications messages and sounds


    NEW! Event History
    - View a history of important events on the scoreboard


    NEW! Mini Scoreboard
    - Added a mini-scoreboard that displays your team's value, workers, and mercenaries for this wave. Now you don’t have to spam TAB as often.


    NEW! Recommended Fighters System
    - Highlights recommended fighters based on damage/defense types
    - Shows a bar that turns green if you're near recommended value and yellow or red if you're not
    - Recommends whether you should build or not based on the recommended value
    - You can disable this system in Options if you prefer
    - Fixed a bug where recommended value wouldn't update properly

    This system is primarily meant for new players and should be used as a guideline. You should not entirely rely on it to make decisions for you.


    King HP Bars
    - Now your team's lifebar is always green and the enemy's lifebar is always red
    - Now shows the wave icon
    - Improved King tooltips
    - Clicking the King (or hotkeys, by default 4 and 5) now pans the camera with a single click (before you had to double click)

    Fighters & Mercenaries
    - Fighters and mercenaries are now grayed out if you can't afford them

    Post-Game Builds
    - You can now use up/down arrows to navigate between waves

    Graphics & Sound Updates

    Fighter Graphics
    - Enabled ZWrite to improve appearance of units with overlapping shapes
    - Fixed some glitches where transparent regions would appear white

    Wave Sounds
    - When receiving at least one 240+ mythium mercenary, the sound of the most expensive mercenary will play

    Game Stability

    Infinite Loading Bug
    - Potentially fixed by relaxing some constraint on initial time sync
    - Added more logging to see where the point of failure is if we get more logs

    Matchmaking Updates

    Infinite Matchmaking Queue Bug
    - Added additional logging & failsafes
    - If you encounter this bug still (where you are stuck in queue forever), please ping @Lisk in Discord

    New Players
    - Players are considered "new" if they have fewer than 10 games, instead of 20 (this prevents new players from dropping too low too quickly)

    Duo Queue
    - Rating penalty lowered slightly

    Game Updates

    Summoned Pets
    - Fixed a bug where pets (Chaos Hound, Cerberus, Undead Dragon, Imp) wouldn't warp after clearing the wave

    Play vs. AI
    - Fixed a bug where bots would accidentally roll unusable Atlantean towers if they picked Mastermind

    - No longer restrict themselves to one Honeyflower/Deathcap (This restriction was from a while ago when those auras did not stack)
    - No longer restrict themselves to one Fire Elemental/Rogue Wave
    - Improved fighter selections (Now uses Fighter Effectiveness system, which is used by the new Recommended Fighters system)
    - Now try to avoid putting auras on the edges of the lane

    Game Balance

    Legion Spells

    Giant Snail red_arrow.png
    - Snail health and attack multiplier: 2.5x -> 2.4x

    Militia green_arrow.png
    - Gold: +280 -> +290

    - There is now more gold in the ecosystem, which allows for more workers and results in fewer “starved” games

    - Starting workers: 1 -> 2

    More mythium to make aggressive plays early game and more income to survive mid-late game and push workers

    Leak Bounty
    - Leaking is now slightly less punishing
    -- Bounty to the leaker increased moderately
    -- Bounty to the opposing team increased slightly

    One mistake early game is less likely to make you unable to recover

    Example: You leak 2 Rockos
    - How much gold you get: 11 -> 15
    - How much gold the opposing team gets: 25 -> 27

    King green_arrow.png
    - Judgment: Mana cost: 6 -> 5
    - Giant Slayer: 5% max health -> 20% current health
    - Health: 1800 scaling to 37100 -> 1700 -> 39700
    - Damage: 50 scaling to 1030 -> 47 scaling to 1100
    - Judgment: 70 scaling to 1442 -> 66 -> 1543

    About even in power early game, stronger late game and against big leaks

    Mastermind green_arrow.png
    - Bonus starting income: 2 -> 3


    Sea Serpent green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Ambush: Unburrows 4.5 seconds after being aggro’d -> 5

    Deepcoiler green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Ambush: Unburrows 4.5 seconds after being aggro’d -> 5

    We recommended positioning Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler 6-7 squares ahead of your frontline tank


    Fire Elemental red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 50 -> 48

    Violet red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 88 -> 86


    Gateguard red_arrow.png
    - Health: 730 -> 700

    Harbinger red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1800 -> 1700

    Nightmare green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1350 -> 1400
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.89 -> 1.79

    Doppelganger green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 3000 -> 3300
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 2.94 -> 2.7

    Nightmare and Doppelganger are balanced in Mastermind but too strong in Forsaken. Given their strong synergies with Dark Mage and Butcher/Head Chef, it’s difficult to balance them for both Mastermind and Forsaken, so we’re shifting some of their power to their health. Their identity is still overwhelmingly as DPS, and they remain the highest DPS-gold efficiency units in the game.

    Hades red_arrow.png
    - Imp: Damage: 47 -> 45


    Wileshroom green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1360 -> 1400

    Canopie green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3700 -> 3800

    Banana Bunk green_arrow.png
    - Health: 2860 -> 2880
    - Damage: 78 -> 79


    Millennium green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 355 -> 360

    Doomsday Machine green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 890 -> 900
    - Health: 5900 -> 6000

    - Tank mercenaries now spawn a bit earlier
    - Ranged, DPS, and aura mercenaries now spawn a bit later


    (10) Granddaddy red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 2.27 -> 2.22
    - Gold to leaker: 80 -> 100
    - Gold to opposing team: 60 -> 70

    Making 10 less punishing and introducing more gold into the ecosystem

    (18) Wale Chiefs green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3950 -> 4000

    (19) Dire Toads green_arrow.png
    - Health: 4000 -> 4100

    (20) Maccabeus green_arrow.png
    - Health: 67000 -> 70000
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  2. Nacccho

    Nacccho Member

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    I think fire ele was already balanced after the two nerfs, it was still really explosive early, but leakable 9, very weak 10, and not too strong by itself at later waves.
    But maybe it would be too explosive with the worker buff.

    Really needed, but as long as its pure damage will be hard to find a place for it in MM i think.

    In which category does Brute fall in?
    Thats a very welcomed change. Rewarding saves, but not massively crippling to the leaker.

    Disappointed about the 2v2, but hopefully you guys can achieve the desired effect so we can grow past this.
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2018
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  3. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Agreed that Fire Elemental is close to balanced. I just had to nerf Element somewhere, and Fire Elemental and Violet were the best candidates.

    I personally love Millennium with Dark Mage and as an Arcane off-tank for 14, 15, 19, and 20.

    Fiend, Brute, Mimic, and Centaur fall into their own category. They spawn in between tanks and ranged DPS.
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  4. Gajuner

    Gajuner Member

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    Patch looks good, I can see it helping out with the mm issues.

    Maybe u could have simply made the fire ele burn single target while giving it some more pierce dmg, I think that would kept alive its power later in the game while weakening up its power on 5/6.

    I don't like the game staying 2v2 but I can see the reasons why u are doing it.

    +3 Inc on mm + the overall slightly higher inc with 2 starting workers might actually enable some interesting mm openings due to easier reaching of certain breakpoints.
  5. Lagartootemido

    Lagartootemido Member

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    I like the fact that the game is staying 2v2 but I want to see changes to how Leaderboards are working and Elodecay.

    Oh, and the changes to MM rolls: not being possible to roll 7 T5/T6.
  6. BerntDasBrot

    BerntDasBrot Member

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    I am very excited for this! I assume this launches on Monday AFTER the Season ended :p
    I am really impressed how much you guy listen to the community Feedback and try to improve the points that were made every time even though you do it in your own way and usually not in the suggested way (Which ist not a bad thing :) ).
  7. ithion

    ithion Member

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    - Starting workers: 1 -> 2"

    If this doesn't make it all feel better, i'm probably going to be publicy shamed and strapped XD

    "Doomsday Machine [​IMG]
    - Damage: 890 -> 900
    - Health: 5900 -> 6000"
    Holy shit, that thing is a monster already. Could probably have been placed under MM buffs instead of mech ;)

    "(10) Granddaddy [​IMG]
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 2.27 -> 2.22
    - Gold to leaker: 80 -> 100
    - Gold to opposing team: 60 -> 70"
    Smack this alone on the current patch and it would be great. Dunno if it's going to be needed next, we'll see though=)

    "NEW! Mini Scoreboard
    - Added a mini-scoreboard that displays your team's value, workers, and mercenaries for this wave. Now you don’t have to spam TAB as often."

    Wow that looks really awesome. A lot more content again. Like feels like those that say you should focus more on content should go back and read all the patch notes since EA again to refresh their memory=p

    Btw, @Curing you still working on the Atlantean units? Or did they force you to pause that to make the 2v2 map?
  8. Prosock

    Prosock Member

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    The only thing undermining the progession of this game is your stubbornness as developers. Few to none wish to continue with competetive being 2v2, yet you decide to write it off as a necessity for MM to work, funnily MM doesent work now, and matches are super unfair left right n center, and I sure do remember fairer MM being one of the strong sell points of 2v2.
    I find myself being the last of my group of friends playing LTD2, even alot of those players ive met ingame and played with log on less and less. This is sad, but its a result both directly and indirectly of 2v2.

    Directly in the form of that in 2v2, as we have all experienced, and some of us even foresaw, MM rolls and RNG play a way bigger factor, which promotes race picking, monotonous dull gameplay, and playing super safe, all of which are contributing factors to deplete the game of being fun and interesting. Besides that, 2v2 is less action packed, fewer players, less social chat and so forth.

    Indirectly in the way that its not really a possibility to play with a friends, you can max play with 1 friend, and if you do, and you are both high rated you will pay the price for playing with your friend by getting into -21 games or something like this. And worse yet, if you are 3 or 4 friends, all keen for playing, you have to play casual, which is, yeah.... Not remotly anything like a competetive game, nor with any reward.
    So the fact that its already pretty punishing to play with 1 friend, and impossible to play with 2 or 3 friends, has made atleast made my group of friends play alot more CS, rather than LTD2, and I can only imagine alot of ppl doing the same, which is sad, but currently its simply close to impossible to play anything other than solo.
  9. Berserkpinus

    Berserkpinus Member

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  10. iConstantine

    iConstantine Member

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    This is the number 1 reason why my play time has went from 20 games a day to 2 games a week and am on the verge of no longer playing. 2v2 is boring. There was no visible impact on queue time for me. Matchmaking irrelevant. There is zero social interaction.
    I swear you must play a different version of the game than me. Every single game is filled with Masterminds. It doesnt need a buff. Mastermind SHOULD be difficult to play and master. Stop catering.
    Stop cateringgggg! The early game is so. freaking. boring now. It's a boss wave ffs. The only threat now before 11 is yourself.
    I'm losing hope and faith and I don't like it. :(
  11. ithion

    ithion Member

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    There should be more threats early with the +2/10 starting myth gathering rate (it's same as before 2.0 now AND now you can get 2.5 workers before w3 for example, making it easier to get that dino on w4 without risking your entire game or saving forever.

    Just on example, so I think the early game will be more actionpacked again.
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  12. EinfachManuel

    EinfachManuel Member

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    Honestly i think 2v2 will kill this game i hope it will go back to 4v4 soon.
    I only play like 1-2 Games per day. Back in the days when it was 4v4 i made like 10+ Games per day. Its just not as much fun as it was with 4v4
  13. Der Geo

    Der Geo Member

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    You are paying 2 game's in a week, so its easy to say that mm is in every game. I play every Day 10+games and see not much mm plays. Everytime Elements + forsaken. Its booring. Maybe you play in 800+ elo?!

    They told us 4 vs 4 will Come back if the Player base is bigger than now. And you can play 4 vs 4 in casual, so why cry everytime?

    The next 8 moth will be Hard for this game. Bettet weather make the People more real life. So will the Player base stuk.

    Call your friends and play more now , and make it more popular.

    The game is on the right way in my sight.
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  14. Dundergrabben

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    As the game is right now, I honestly think it's going in the right direction. People need to be less afraid of change than they are.
    Sure, there were a lot of changes on the 2.0 patch (maybe a bit too many in one go), but all of them felt like it was for the greater good of the game.
    4v4 is still possible to play, and will surely come back for ranked games in the future. Try to see the changes for what they are, the greater good of the game.

    The game has a pretty steep learning curve as it is. Making the games 2v2 should help new players learn and get the basics right much easier. This makes a lot of sense from a player growth point of view. The game will grow much easier in this state, whether the 4v4 crybabies want to or not.
  15. Akitos

    Akitos Member

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    Pretty long reaction this time around, because it's packed with lots of criticism aswell. Sorry for that.

    It is NOT... Which is my biggest criticism point so far... You can NOT play 4v4 customs right now, as creeps will not spawn on wave 18... You may only play 3v3. And I did not read anything in the patch notes that fixes this issue.
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  16. BauernRupp

    BauernRupp Member

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    Why would I introduce any friends if I can not play vs people with em? playing vs bots is lame, casual splits up your party, 2v2 ranked is only fun when playing with similar skills imo since its so punishing to leak. With 4v4 as the primary gamemode it wasnt a big problem if you had 1 newer player on your team/moderate difference in skill across your teammates. I went from playing around 5 games per day (50% with friends/50% solo) to 10 games played since 2v2. I dont enjoy the game at all being 2v2.

    Didnt notice matchmaking being significantly faster maybe 30s less, idc (not a good sample since i played 10games only).1800 elo

    Just my 2cents to the game state, may offend some people.

    LG vom BauernRupp der leider kein Bock mehr hat <3
  17. EinfachManuel

    EinfachManuel Member

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    So most people have less fun with 2v2 but 4v4 wont come back because they want mastermind to be played.

    I have 600 Games with grove and 10 with mastermind. I'd like to main Grove but honestly i'd pref playing 4v4 as mastermind.
    So how about allowing only mastermind for ranked?
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  18. Shiba Tatsuya

    Shiba Tatsuya Member

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    I frequently do that as well, but this dark mage debuff losing about 2k(Doomsday) of its hp ist stupid af and it's overkilling almost every shot(maybe buff the attackspeed&nerf dmg instead?). Also its pretty damn stupid having berserker and banana haven and the haven is getting buffed all of a sudden, losing his purpose of being a tank due to losing way too much hp with that buff-.-
  19. iConstantine

    iConstantine Member

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    Uh Im talking about all my previous games. Im top 30 in time played.
  20. HBK Alpha

    HBK Alpha Member

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    You can simply revert to 1.79 it’s very doable. This game will be dead in the coming months and it will be all in the developers doing. How sad.. from 10-15 games a day to 2 a week at best. You are simply ignoring the mass and which shows how much you care about our Input.. que times weren’t bad at all. I’m sure everyone would that take over this 2v2 nonsense. No one talks anymore it’s just a dull boring game. Adapting is one thing but changing the Essence of the game is another. Please just take our input seriously and revert back to 4v4 it shouldn’t be an ego thing at all. We all simply love this game and want it to expand but how can I get more to play if I can only play with 1 person. Playing casual for 4v4 is a slap to the face, people only want to play ranked. I mean at the end of the day you got our money already buying this game, maybe you don’t care