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v2.20 & New Map

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Apr 18, 2018.

  1. Jules

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    Legion TD 2 will be 50% off and featured on the front page of Steam on April 19th at 10am PST for 48 hours. Jaidefinichon, Maxim, Firebat, Resttpowered, LForward, Akitos, and others will be streaming and creating video content to help promote the game. Make sure to support their streams and videos, and let your friends know about the game!


    v2.20 Hotfix 1 Patch Notes
    Deployed 2018.4.19 9:40 am PDT (5:30 pm CET)

    Game Fixes:
    - Fixed a bug where some units would be stuck
    - Fixed a bug where gates weren't working properly on wave 21 in some cases
    - Fighters that reach the cave before clearing the wave are now warped to the bottom of the lane (usually Sea Serpents) (2v2 map only)

    Sprint (the mechanic that speeds up creeps after battles end)
    - Removed from 2v2 games

    Zeus green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 4 -> 3
    - Damage: 14 -> 18
    - Power surge: Mana cost: 20 -> 15

    Reducing Zeus’ insane synergy with APS, MPS, Ranger, and Green Devil

    APS red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 45 -> 46
    - Energize: 5 damage + 10% attack speed -> 4 damage + 8% attack speed

    MPS red_arrow.png
    - Mythium Core: 10 damage + 15% attack speed -> 8 damage + 12% attack speed

    v2.20 Patch Notes
    Deployed 2018.4.18 10 pm PDT (6 am CET)

    NEW! 2v2 Map


    We're so excited to introduce the new official map of Legion TD 2! The goals are to:
    1. Improve the overall aesthetic and design of the map
    2. Optimize assets to improve performance and reduce lag
    3. Condense the map to improve information accessibility
    We temporarily removed dual building from the game. In the future if it's re-added, it will be played by sharing a standard lane, instead of having a separate middle lane.

    We added a Mythium gate that prevents units from advancing until both battles have ended on your team. This ensures that the holder can properly catch leaked units.


    Now that Curing is done with the new map, she's back to working on the next Atlantean fighters!

    HUD Updates

    Loading Screen Improvements
    - Now shows a border around your avatar that represents last season's rating tier (these borders will be improved in the future)
    - No longer displays rating or rating changes (but still shows which tier you are in)
    - No longer displays party status ((D), (T), (F))
    - You can still type -ratings in-game to see ratings, rating changes, and parties
    - No longer shows Open slots

    The goal of this change is to stop shoving rating into your face. The reality is that most players will be significantly happier if they just play and not worry that their ally is 50 rating lower or that their opponents are 50 rating higher. In the end, it all balances out. If you have a lower-rated ally or higher-rated opponents, you will gain more rating if you win and lose less rating if you lose. Highly competitive players that prefer to see exact ratings every game can still type -ratings.

    Post-Game Screen
    - No longer shows ratings
    - No longer shows rating change for losses
    - You can now use up/down to change graphs

    Building Grid
    - Now restricted to your buildable area (improves gameplay clarity)

    - Removed [D] and [A] from names, since we already have several other ways to see this relationship

    Mini Scoreboard
    - Now shows leak gold for both teams so it is easy to see which team has leaked more

    Lobby Updates

    Lobby Stability
    - Improved stability (fixed a case where the lobby server would restart if refreshing a profile took significantly longer than expected)

    Game Updates

    Pathing & Targeting
    - Hovering/flying melee units are now no longer always focused before ground melee units. When positioned in front, tanks such as Mudman now more consistently tank before hovering/flying units such Windhawk, Nightmare, Gateguard, and Canopie.

    Leaked Percent
    - Fixed a bug where leaked percent was incorrect (it was showing numbers that were too high)

    - Long games should no longer stop spawning enemies (increased unit cap to 2000)

    - Selection circle size decreased so that it’s easier to deploy fighters in front of it

    Game Balance


    Sea Serpent green_arrow.png
    - Health: 850 -> 870

    Deepcoiler green_arrow.png
    - Health: 2550 -> 2600


    Disciple green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mana Burst: Damage: 400 -> 300
    - Mana Burst: Mana cost: 15 -> 12

    Starcaller green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Asteroid: Damage: 800 -> 600
    - Asteroid: Mana cost: 15 -> 12


    Ranger red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 25 -> 24

    Wileshroom green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.93 -> 0.95


    Individually, Mech’s fighters are strong, but the legion as a whole is weak. One reason for this is that all of their fighters are more expensive, which limits build flexibility. We’re decreasing fighter price points, adjusting attack types, and making APS/MPS stronger early game to make Mech feel better to play.

    Pyro red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 33 -> 32

    Tempest green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage type: Impact -> Pierce
    - Anti-Air Turret: Damage type: Impact -> Pierce

    Leviathan green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 340 -> 320
    - Health: 3200 -> 3100
    - Damage type: Impact -> Pierce
    - Shrapnel: Damage type: Impact -> Pierce

    APS green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 165 -> 150
    - Damage: 50 -> 45
    - Range: 350 -> 250
    - Energize: 16% attack speed -> 5 damage + 10% attack speed

    MPS green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 455 -> 425
    - Damage: 132 -> 124
    - Range: 350 -> 250
    - Energize: 24% attack speed -> 10 damage + 15% attack speed

    We know this is a strong synergy with Zeus. If it's OP, we'll nerf it.

    Berserker green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 220 -> 200
    - Health: 1800 -> 1700
    - Attack speed: 1.17 -> 1.11

    Fatalizer green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 580 -> 560
    - Health: 4400 -> 4350
    - Attack speed: 1.12 -> 1.11

    Millennium green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 300 -> 290
    - Health: 2400 -> 2350
    - Damage: 360 -> 350
    - Attack type: Pure -> Impact

    Doomsday Machine green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total gold cost: 750 -> 715
    - Health: 6000 -> 5750
    - Damage: 900 -> 860
    - Attack type: Pure -> Impact


    Brute green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 44 -> 45
    - Maul: Attack speed slow: 12% (3% to king) -> 10% (2% to king)

    Reducing the RNG from Brute by shifting some of its power from its ability to base stats (it’s still a hard counter to big solitary fighters)

    Dragon Turtle green_arrow.png
    - Health: 850 -> 860

    Four Eyes green_arrow.png
    - Health: 2200 -> 2300
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.13 -> 1.15


    (19) Dire Toads green_arrow.png
    - Health: 4100 -> 4150

    (20) Maccabeus green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 3 -> 3.13

    Too many games are going to wave 21 because Maccabeus isn't living up to his name

    (21) Legion King green_arrow.png
    - Legion Lord: Health: 5500 -> 6000
    - Legion King: Health: 33000 -> 36000
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  2. Arioni

    Arioni Member

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    The new map's aesthetic looks dope, and the Mythium gate is a great addition.
    I'm kind of surprised about the Sea Serpent/Deepcoiler buffs, they weren't extraordinarily strong but they were built occasionally.
    Disciple/Starcaller's mana changes makes them less RNG so that's great.
    I'm glad the Berserker's cost got reduced, though I'm not particularly excited over its attack speed being changed. At least now it's consistent with Fatalizer's.
    Interesting to see you go back on the Millenium/Doomsday Machine change, though I'm glad.

    I'm sort of interested by this though:
    I don't think I've had a single game go to wave 21 (or 20) after the 2.10a patch. What elo is this happening in? Or is my playstyle just that early game focused?
  3. Lagartootemido

    Lagartootemido Member

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    Wow guys the new map look gorgeous! What an awesome job!
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  4. ShoKsPare

    ShoKsPare Member

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    So now zeus with aps and mps have way so much dps, with green devil and ranguer combo was was already a Lot of dmg and now that
  5. Lagartootemido

    Lagartootemido Member

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    I loved all the game updates.

    Now, about game balance :

    It is good to see that you touched Ranger and Pyro at least a bit, but it worries me that Daphne wasn't looked at.
  6. jqob

    jqob Member

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    - The new map looks great
    - A lot of good balance changes like disciple, millenium, 4 eyes, brute (although still seems to be very strong)
    - Pathing - maybe it will become more consistent


    - Dont like the rating and duo information being removed completely, makes the game seem less competitive
    - Mastermind RNG not addressed

    Not sure:

    - Scoreboard showing enemies leak value - i guess you could've had a sense before, but now it will make things clear who is ahead. That could really mess with your mind
    - Mech could be very op after this patch, pyro mech was already strong and now it has more options and cheaper aps/mps auras which are also insane for mastermind
  7. iConstantine

    iConstantine Member

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  8. reflektor

    reflektor Member

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    Nice new map though aps+bazooka/zeus is broken
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  9. WhatTheLump2

    WhatTheLump2 Member

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    Seems good so far. I did notice that since the update my profile isn't updating wins or losses and my rating has remained unchanged after 3 games
  10. Gajuner

    Gajuner Member

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    Mostly really nice patch but Ranger/green devils with Zeus + aps already had been broken, now it's out of this world...
  11. Mick

    Mick Member

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    Love that new map! One thing though:

    "We added a Mythium gate that prevents units from advancing until both battles have ended on your team. This ensures that the holder can properly catch leaked units."

    This seems really unbalanced in a race. As long as you have one player who has a lot of tanks and stalls a lot you are bound to win any race.
    GvR Mr Mister likes this.
  12. foliesseer

    foliesseer Member

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    Looks amazing!!
  13. iWumbo

    iWumbo Member

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    It would be nice to see the rating range of the player and team average badges when you hover over them with your mouse, e.g. '1400-1600' for the gold badge.
  14. Domoo27

    Domoo27 Member

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    You should do this, when there was 4v4. No one will buy it, when they will see this boring 2v2 on stream. Funny is think, that one of your streamers thinking, that it is still 4v4 :D so he will be suprised :D He has to choose just one of his 3 friends :D

    but btw. I dont want to be just negative. This new map looks sick.
  15. Myrmiron

    Myrmiron Member

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    Why nerf Element? It already feels weak.
  16. Shredder

    Shredder Member

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    I wounldt call it a nerf. They only reduce the power from 26,6 per Mana point to 25. Not really significant. They shift the power from not "wasting" too much Spellpower on Dead Units or Snails at all. So good adjust in my Opinion.
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  17. Nacccho

    Nacccho Member

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    This is LOVE.

    Not sure if it will work, but it would be such a huge improvement if it did.

    That just makes Leviathan more confusing, it will be good im mech, but i'd say it will continue being awful in MM.

    Yea, Jules, this will need a nerf hahaha. Will be fun to use it while it lasts tho.

    Perfect, adressed pretty much all weak points of millennium, dear god was pure damage bad.

    BTW @Curing , beautiful work on the new map! Astounding! Perfect!
  18. Matt Piper

    Matt Piper Member

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    Update is appreciated as always. New map looks sweet and I'm enjoying the 2v2 games.

    Not crazy about the notes on Mech. I like them being a faction with some of the strongest, but most expensive, towers in the game. I would expect them to be slightly weaker as a whole because they're mostly a bunch of generic towers, and their support unit just makes them attack faster. But that isn't a bad thing and I don't think their boring to play.

    Remember: Faction diversity is a good thing.
  19. Akitos

    Akitos Member

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  20. VikingTy

    VikingTy Member

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    Can we address matchmaking?

    This game wont fare well when the newbies get matched against a premade duo cheesers. Will turn off a lot of people.

    I solo matchmake 99.9% of the time and even I have a hard time when I get a potato teammate and i'm going against a premade duo.

    So all this work will be for nothing. Game will be cheap enough that people will be more willing to write it off.

    Already such a low pop prime time on my side of the world. 80-100 people on.

    I'll be willing to extend my matchmaking time in order to not be matched against two tryhards.

    AT LEAST make it an option.