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v2.25: Pollywog, Seraphin, and Devilfish

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Jun 8, 2018.

  1. Jules

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    v2.25 Patch Notes

    Deployed 2018.6.8 11:35 am PDT (7:35 pm CET)

    NEW! Atlantean Fighters


    Pollywog (T1)
    - Cost: 15 gold + 1 supply
    - Movement type: Flying
    - Health: 140 (Swift)
    - Damage: 8 (Magic)
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.05
    - Range: 350

    via Sketchfab


    Seraphin (T1U)
    - Upgrade cost: 85 gold + 1 supply
    - Movement type: Flying
    - Health: 650 (Swift)
    - Damage: 47 (Magic)
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.95
    - Range: 350
    - Adapt Devilfish.png Nighttime ability: Adapt: Transforms into Devilfish

    via Sketchfab


    Devilfish (T1U)
    - Upgrade cost: 85 gold + 1 supply
    - Movement type: Flying
    - Health: 1070 (Swift)
    - Damage: 39 (Magic)
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.95
    - Range: 100
    - Adapt Seraphin.png Nighttime ability: Adapt: Transforms into Seraphin

    via Sketchfab

    Game Fixes

    New Player Ratings
    - Fixed a bug where New Player Rating Bonus (+20) was not being awarded properly
    - Fixed a cosmetic bug where New Player Rating Bonus (+20) was appearing in unranked (non-Normal) games

    - Canceling a fighter placement by right-clicking no longer causes a ping

    - Fixed a bug where scheduled actions were running 1 game tick later than intended (this fixes various symptoms like buffs lasting for slightly incorrect durations)

    Game Updates

    Legion Select

    - You now have less time to select your Legion (60 seconds, instead of 83 seconds)

    This should help new players who run out of time to build because they took too long to select their legion

    - Smarter at positioning fighters (they now spread out their build and stagger fighters, to maximize aura usage)
    - Smarter at choosing fighters
    - Now have "(Bot)" suffix so it is clear they are bots
    - In AI games, now attempts to use one of each bot type to avoid having repeats

    Leaver Bots
    - Now better about not ruining your early-game build if you had to restart the client at the start of the game (Leaver bots now skip their logic if it is wave 1 or wave 2, and you have at least 140 value)

    - Clicking lane markers now smoothly pans the camera
    - Added ability info and # per spawn

    Hiring Mercenaries
    - Mercenaries now show a green floating text that shows how much income they gave you

    - Improved responsiveness of various buffs (buffs that have effects that require periodic updating, such as effects based on % hp or % missing hp, are now resolved immediately for their first tick)

    Unit Selection
    - When holding down SHIFT and clicking the ground, your selection is no longer cleared. This should make it easier to select, for example, a few Peewees without accidentally clearing your selection if you misclick.
    - When double-clicking or CTRL-clicking to select units of the same type, it will now filter for the same abilities. This makes it easier to select, for example, Peewees that haven't been boosted yet or Mudmen that haven't been hardened yet.

    FairPlay Updates

    Chat Mutes
    - Fixed a bug where server-muted players weren't auto-muted by other players if those other players had been playing for a while

    Leaver Punishments
    - Made automated punishments harsher for players that leave games frequently

    - We now have better tracking of players that are flagged by FairPlay

    Game Balance

    - Train time: 3 seconds -> 2 seconds
    - Train time (after wave 15): 2 seconds -> 1 second

    Legion Spells

    Dark Ritual green_arrow.png
    - Damage to king: 20% -> 15%
    - Fixed a bug where Dark Ritual sometimes wouldn’t damage the king

    Giant Snail red_arrow.png
    - Health: 650 -> 630
    - Damage: 28 -> 27

    Overwork red_arrow.png
    - Mythium rate during wave 11: 175% -> 170%
    - Mythium rate during wave 12: 75% -> 70%

    Savior green_arrow.png
    - King heal: 25% -> 30%
    - Fixed a bug where Savior sometimes wouldn’t heal the king

    Sorcerer green_arrow.png
    - Sorcery: Mana regeneration: 8% -> 10%
    - Sorcery: Spell damage: 8% -> 10%

    Villain green_arrow.png
    - Villainy: Damage amplification: 16% (8% for ranged) -> 18% (12% for ranged)


    Grarl red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1500 -> 1460
    - Damage: 78 -> 76

    King Claw red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 170 -> 165

    Ocean Templar green_arrow.png
    - Upgrade cost: 250 -> 215 (total cost: 395 -> 360)
    - Health:: 2250 -> 1950
    - Damage: 175 -> 160
    - Resonance: Heal: 20 + 0.25% max health -> 20 + 0.3% max health


    Atom green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 29 -> 30

    Aqua Spirit red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.794 -> 0.775

    Disciple green_arrow.png
    - Gold cost: 200 -> 195

    Starcaller green_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 535 -> 530 (upgrade cost unchanged)

    Fire Lord green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 122 -> 125


    Fire Archer green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.88 -> 0.91

    Bone Crusher green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1050 -> 1060

    Gargoyle green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Gold cost: 45 -> 40
    - Health: 260 -> 230
    - Damage: 20 -> 18

    Gargoyle’s cost is no longer the same as 3 Bone Warriors to allow players to spend their gold more easily

    Harbinger green_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 300 -> 290
    -- Upgrade cost: 200 -> 190
    - Damage: 98 -> 96

    Harbinger’s cost is no longer the same as 2 Gateguards

    Green Devil red_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 165 -> 160 (upgrade cost unchanged)
    - Health: 800 -> 760
    - Damage: 42 -> 40


    Daphne green_arrow.png
    - Nature’s touch: Damage reduction -> 10 (5 against bosses) -> 10 (10 against bosses)

    Honeyflower green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1280 -> 1270
    - Fragrance: Area of effect: 225 -> 250

    Reducing the effects of RNG that sometimes caused units to be slightly outside of Fragrance range, despite good positioning

    Deathcap green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Noxious Scent: Damage: 35 + 0.4% (0.2% to bosses) max health -> 30 + 0.5% (0.25% to bosses) max health
    - Noxious Scent: Area of effect: 225 -> 250

    Shifting some early game power into late game to provide more options for wave 18

    Antler green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2260 -> 2200
    - New ability: Thick Hide: Reduces damage taken by 2

    Now a more viable starting fighter


    Cost reductions to make Mech fighters more accessible

    Peewee red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.04 -> 1
    - Booster: Attack speed bonus: 115% -> 110%

    Veteran green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1290 -> 1390
    - Damage: 41 -> 38
    - Stimpack: Attack speed bonus: 115% -> 110%

    Bazooka green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Gold cost: 60 -> 45
    - Health: 460 -> 320
    - DPS: 29.4 -> 21.3
    -- Damage: 35 -> 27
    -- Attack speed (attacks per second): 0.84 -> 0.79

    Zeus green_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 200 -> 175
    -- Upgrade cost: 140 -> 130
    - Health: 850 -> 800
    - Attack speed (attacks per second): 3 -> 2.7

    Now a more viable starting fighter

    Pyro green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 250 -> 200
    -- Upgrade cost: 190 -> 155
    - Health: 2200 -> 1650
    - Damage: 31 -> 26
    - Pyromancy: Splash: 50% (25% to flying): 50% (30% to flying)

    Now a more viable starting fighter

    Tempest green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Gold cost: 110 -> 90
    - Health: 950 -> 800
    - Damage: 38 -> 31

    Leviathan green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 320 -> 280
    -- Upgrade cost: 210 -> 190
    - Health: 3100 -> 2800
    - Damage: 125 -> 105

    MPS green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 425 -> 400
    -- Upgrade cost: 275 -> 250
    - Health: 3600 -> 3350
    - Damage: 130 -> 121

    Berserker green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Gold cost: 200 -> 190
    - Health: 1870 -> 2100
    - DPS: 70.5 -> 46
    -- Damage: 67 -> 29
    -- Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.05 -> 1.59
    - Brawler: Ramping damage per hit: 15 -> 10 (ramping damage is the same due to attack speed being faster)

    Fatalizer green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Total cost: 560 -> 545
    -- Upgrade cost: 360 -> 355
    - Health: 4600 -> 5500
    - DPS: 173.7 -> 127
    -- Damage: 165 -> 80
    -- Attack speed (attacks per second): 1.05 -> 1.59
    - Brawler: Ramping damage per hit: 40 -> 20 (ramping damage is slightly lower)

    Berserker and Fatalizer are now effectively tanks, which gives Mech a frontline fighter and also adds a swift tank to Mastermind

    Millennium red_arrow.png
    - Explosive Shells: Damage: 100 (50 to flying) -> 80 (50 to flying)

    Doomsday Machine red_arrow.png
    - Detonation: Damage: 250 (125 to flying) -> 200 (120 to flying)


    Dragon Turtle green_arrow.png
    - Health: 860 -> 890

    Drake green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1300 -> 1320
    - Damage: 83 -> 84

    Shaman red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 105 -> 100


    (8) Kobra green_arrow.png
    - Health: 570 -> 580

    (14) Killer Slugs green_arrow.png
    - Health: 2000 -> 2030
    - Damage: 125 -> 127

    (18) Wale Chiefs red_arrow.png
    - Health: 4000 -> 3950

    Last edited: Jun 9, 2018
  2. Ceeboz

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    Interesting patch notes! Looking forward to try it out.
  3. iConstantine

    iConstantine Member

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    Scary Mech changes. Curious how it will work out. Berserkers basically going from optional to required.
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  4. Mick

    Mick Member

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    Mech madness incoming! I love the modelling on the new unit, looks great. There definitely needs to be a pollywog fluffy in the shop soon!
  5. foliesseer

    foliesseer Member

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    This is a HUGE patch, dear lord. So many changes... I really like it :D
    So the same Health and DPS as Bone Warrior but it's ranged... I don't know what to think about this. I generally have T1 to tank splits or to off-tank 1 or 2 creeps, and Pollywog seems terrible for this. But whatever, it's a flying T1 with an unique playstyle so it's pretty decently designed. And the model is pretty good too, so that's nice.
    For 100 Gold we get 43,7 Magic DPS... That's actually pretty decent for a T1. However I think this will probably be increased by like 2-3 DPS at minimum if you compare it to melee fighters like Consort and Veteran, which have alot better stats overall. Yes, I understand Veterans and Consorts also need to tank but that makes them better in the first place.
    It has Bone Warrior stats without the bone crusher ability. This might sound terrible to some people reading this, but you should also take in consideration that in the lategame, where your T1 tanks get oneshot, you can just click a button and this unit becomes a Magic ranged DPS. Is that worth it? Probably.
    Was hoping to see a cooldown timer instead, but this is still a nice addition to have.
    I still don't understand why people think this is a bad ability, but I guess you guys got the numbers to back it up. It's probably not as strong as PTA/GS/OW. But wait... These got nerfed this patch, and this got buffed again... Makes me think this ability is going to be nuts this patch.
    As to be expected after you talked about nerfing it on the Discord. Just remember, "would you still play it (Giant Snails) if it was 200%?" :p
    It's obviously still a viable pick but Overwork seems to outclass this ability now in terms of mid- to lategame effectiveness.
    I mean, you are still gaining 40% bonus Mythium with Overwork. So even if they take forever during 12 since you made them leak, you don't really get punished by it since you already gained the income for the boosted Mythium you gained and you made them leak. Overwork is still really, really good.
    It's a decent buff. However healing for missing hp% is always a bit bad so it's still either a niche pick or picked when you need the 90 gold.
    Oh boy... Sorcery is actually good, but why would I pick it above Meme Snails? Not to mention that this was already insane with Starcaller and LoD/Hades-spam in my opinion. I'm curious how this will play out.
    Also an insane buff to one of the hero spells... It's now 33% more effective on ranged units? The units you want to give a buff like this in the first place? :eek:

    Still won't pick it over Overwork.
    This seems a really conservative nerf. Curios how weak this will make it on 2, since that wave is the main issue with this unit.
    KK is still stupidly strong, -5 damage is not going to stop him. He basically has Golem HP because he cripples everything attacking him and he has a very beneficial defense type (Natural). I don't see how -5 damage will stop him.
    Good buffs. It's high cost made it hard to build around.
    Good small element buffs. I'm curious how Aqua Spirit performs on 4 now against Dino though, since these waves tend to take very long.
    Interesting balance changes. I'm curious how this will affect Forsaken builds.
    That's a pretty insane buff, considering daddy's have 170 Attack. So having a few Daphne's out on 10 is going to be a pretty easy hold against many sends even if your units are bad at holding 10.
    Good changes.
    Lmfao, -60 HP for an insane ability in the early game. I'm curious on how strong it will be on 3 now, since those creeps have 7 attack.
    Good changes. I also like it that Veteran is now a better Arcane tank than a damage dealer.
    The change is okay-ish, only I dislike it that you basically lost 3% DPS/Gold. But this change is not directed to Bazooka, but to..:
    Woah, -0.3 Attack Speed to against a 25 cost reduction. Seems pretty insane to me.
    I can't tell if this will be broken or not. I really can't.

    I need to play around with this to see how strong or weak these changes actually are. This is a really big change! Very interesting.
    -40 cost for the Leviathan aura, that's pretty good. It's a decent change.
    -25 cost for the MPS aura, also nice :D.
    This is a pretty interesting change. Again, this is very hard for me to judge on how strong or weak it is so I guess I will play around with it tomorrow.
    It's a start. Would've liked Millennium keeping the 100 splash and costing 10 gold more so it would be abused less in the early game but this is okay too.
    Not a necessary buff, just makes it feel worse leaking to a DTurtle as Pyro or Flower.
    Eh, it's a start. Drake is definitely on the weak side right now so it getting a bit of love is nice.

    This is a pretty good patch. Feels like a transition from v2.24 to v3.0, which I personally like alot :D
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  6. jqob

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    Time to learn the game from scratch I guess, holy shit the amount of balance changes...
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  7. Nacccho

    Nacccho Member

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    All the spell changes fit accordingly i guess, although overwork was fine as 175-75.

    Yup, thats necessary, it's weird to have to kinda estimate if you're going to get another mercenary by that draing thing, not to mention, you have no idea where the cooldowns at if you sent just 1 copy of the mercenary.

    Leviathan will be too strong, nevermind the nerf to peewees, they got a perfect match now flying ranged magic dps, and are waay easier to pull off.

    This was kinda absolutely necessary, as antler by itself was enourmosly bad, given for example how Hardmud and King claw could pretty much handle a big 9 by themselves, and 2 antlers(approx same cost, with same identity) wouldnt do absolutely nothing there.
    But im afraid of the impact this can have in the midgame of groove.


    Overall, i like the minor tweaks, absolutely disagree with the buffs to forsaken, cause i think now they got no window for punishment pre-10.

    And as i have stated, am against this humongous re-works that happen all to frequently, because changing so much, it's pretty impossible to avoid imbalance. And not only do i have to learn everything again, but we keep having to adapt to this broken micro meta that lasts a week, knowing stuff will need to get changed again.
    Oh well, but i sincerely hope for the best.

    And the new units look AMAZING again.
  8. WarPenguin

    WarPenguin Member

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    So basicaly the honeyflower got some honeylove, kinda wanna try some builds with it now.
  9. Damien Davison

    Damien Davison Member

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    Well doesn't this change a few things... Looking forward to trying out new unit and new Berserker start :D
  10. Akitos

    Akitos Member

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    Trophy Points:

    Why are those pictures always a bit too big for YT thumbnails, FeelsBadMan.
  11. holepercent

    holepercent Member

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    Looks like some much needed adjustments for mech. Should be interesting to see how builds adapt, both for Mech and mastermind.
  12. Roshkatul

    Roshkatul Member

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    Ok, I'm finally done with my exam, and I'm finally able to write a review for this patch. I've been thinking about it for a while (especially during the exam, because why not)

    First of all, I don't like the reduced train time early game, as you often might want to have more time to cancel the worker, at least early on, when it matters the most.

    New unit.
    Interesting concept, this unit will be a really nice early game tool, pretty versatile as you can use it both as a tank or a dps... I mean.. use it as a tank for 4, which is impact dmg, and than use it as dps for 5, which is pierce damage AND natural armor. It will be pretty neat.

    Legion spells.
    I agree with ALMOST all the changes
    - dark ritual, savior were a bit weak.
    - overwork and giant snails were a bit too strong
    - sorcerer was weak as well, really underused.
    - But villain... This is pretty complicated. Villain was only used with Banana haven (because it applied it on 3 targets) and doppelganger (which was insane due to it's resiliance). You buffed villain (huuuuge buff for ranged units, now it's really good on a zeus or a ranger too), which will make it good on other units. But at the same time, villain will be PRETTY broken on the 2 units that already loved using villain (haven and doppel)


    Needed nerf, I'm sure you've done tests of it, it might be just enough to make grarl weaker on 2 so bunk and millenium aren't so easy to pull off (you might be forced to leak some on 2 if you want to start with those 2 units early)
    King claw:
    This unit needed a nerf, but i'm 95% sure that the auto attack dmg wasn't what made this unit powerful in the first place
    Ocean templar:
    What can I say, I proposed this change and I love it. I'd probably love it even more if it was at a lower cost than that, but it might be really good now, since you also increased it's %heal

    Not much to say here, small changes, disciple costing less is fine, most probably atom had 49.2% winrate and needed that 1 extra damage to pump it up to 50%, right Jules?
    Nothing significant, i like that aqua spirit is a little bit weaker, but those changes won't do much.

    Oh man, similar changes to Element, small buffs to certain units. Harbinger's gold cost change isn't really significant.
    BUT, gargoyle's cost change might actually influence the legion quite a bit. Why? There were times when you ended with like 92 gold on wave 3, and you could get 2 gargoyles for 90 gold, and you would have gotten 90g worth of value. Now gargoyles are cheaper, they are 40g, but you also get less stats from them. So instead of getting 90g worth of value by placing x2 gargoyles for 3, you now get 80g worth of value. Which might actually remove the possibility to go for a safe 5th worker in a classic forsaken start if you received a 20 send already. At this point it's pretty much nitpicking.
    Green devil also got a well deserved nerf.

    - I don't get it why you felt the need of buffing a minion which was already great on boss waves even more... But still, won't change much in terms of gameplay.. a good unit on wave 10, became even better.
    Honeyflower - , a well deserved 10 hp nerf, and the range buff is really nice
    Deathcap - , made slightly stronger against higher hp units, and weaker against low hp units. Made a comparison of old and new Dcap (won't take into account armor modifications) on:
    Wave 12:
    35 +4.6 dmg = 39.6
    30 + 5.75 dmg = 35.75
    Wave 16
    35 + 6.8 dmg = 41.8
    30 + 8.5 dmg = 38.5
    Wave 17
    35 + 12 = 47
    30 + 15 = 45
    Wave 18 (used old 4.000 hp as comparison, with the new 3950, new dcap is even weaker)
    35 + 16 = 51
    30 + 20 = 50

    So despite of what jules said, the new dcap is nerfed on pretty much every wave, it now deals less damage on 18 than it used to before. LUL

    Antler - This ability will be sick early on, especially with lifesteal. It will be only slightly weaker later on, but pretty insignificant.

    Mercenaries and Waves (picking this first before mech)
    I agree with all the changes.. 8 and 14 always seemed too weak to me, 18 change is fine, won't change too much. Drake and DT needed some love, while shaman.. Eh, it's used for the buff anyway

    Oh boy, oh boy. You followed my opinion here, that mech is too strong because the units are so expensive and hard to get a good curve out of them

    Peewee nerf - Not enough. Since leviathan is also cheaper now, boosted peewee with leviathan are just as good now
    Veteran nerf - I like the shift from dmg to hp, but stimpack is still too strong

    Bazooka change - Really weird? Bazooka is also weaker now/gold, and I guess bazooka spam is also nerfed (bazooka spam was pretty retarded tbh, really strong, even if it was punished by supply. Now it's punished by supply even more). We'll see how this works out

    Zeus - Now a more viable starting fighter (this is a lie, the unit is still bad as a starting fighter) Anyway, might be fine, you can now get a zeus out much faster for wave 5 for example). We'll see how this turns out
    Pyro - Now a more viable starting fighter (now this once again, is most probably a lie)
    There are a lot to go through for this change, I went through most of the ideas on the discord, but I'll do a recap:
    You can now start 3 workers, you still hold w1,w2 and w3. So it's a bit faster
    Aaand, that's about it
    - now weaker on wave 4 (jules buffed the splash dmg to flying after what i wrote on the discord). It deals a total of ~8 aoe dmg to flying units, compared to the old ~8 aoe dmg. Yeah, the dmg is pretty much the same, it's just that you get 550 less hp, which is huge. So even if you start on 3 workers, you need to build up just as much for wave 4 (you probably need to build a berserker as a tank), so you end up with similar worker counts by wave 4, or even less, since the old pyro was fine on wave 4 with a few bone warriors. I expect this new one to need more adds.
    - even though you end up with similar workers on wave 4, now this unit is a weaker meat shield on 6, only deals ~9.1 damage against wave 7, compared to the old 10.85, and it's also a much weaker meat shield (even thoguh it's cheaper). So if you get a mole on 7, pyro only deals 4 damage aoe, compared to roughly 6 damage on the old pyro.
    - even on wave 9, which should be a good wave for pyro, a mole + hermit almost completely negate the aoe damage of one pyro.
    - now with only 26 spell dmg, out of which 13 is aoe, it's completely unusable late game, against sends like mole and hermit (it was already pretty bad this current patch and it felt like it did no damage, while the aoe damage was still 15.5)

    Tempest, Leviathan, MPS
    Not that much to talk about, you pretty much scaled the hp/dps down with the gold cost. It's just that the leviathan cost reduction will favour leviathan + peewee spam even more.. So the peewee nerf did nothing, and it won't be efficient at all.
    I'm curious to see what new starts will appear with the cheaper tempest.

    I saw this subject in the inhouse discord a few days ago, I guess it's an interesting choice. I'm kinda looking forward to see how it pans out.. The increased attack speed is my only concern.. Even if the stack dmg was reduced, i'm afraid that this new attack speed will be too strong with butcher or something else.

    The millenium nerf will make millenium start slightly weaker, which is a good thing. Overall good nerfs, but I feel like it might require further nerfs to be balanced. I think DD might still be a tad bit too strong.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2018
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  13. Mick

    Mick Member

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    When will the update be deployed?
  14. Easytrop

    Easytrop Member

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    Can someone help me with my math? I don't understand why dcap are stronger on 18 now?
    35 + 0.4%*3950 = 50.8 > 49.75 = 30 + 0.5*3950
    Is it just a buff for 18 because of the bigger range or is my math wrong?
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  15. jqob

    jqob Member

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    Your math is perfectly fine, not sure about the devs :D
  16. foliesseer

    foliesseer Member

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    Your math is right, I guess it is just better because the bigger range makes it more consistent.
  17. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    - Players have less time to select their legion, not to select Mastermind rolls or build. This really only affects new players that sat at legion select for 80 seconds thinking what to play and then only had 10 seconds left to build.

    It's the 25 range increase. Early-mid game, this doesn't matter as much because the whole wave tends to surround your Deathcap, but late game, on a wave like 18, extra range allows Deathcap to hit an extra unit or three.
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  18. Nacccho

    Nacccho Member

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    Still pretty underwhelming. Because yea, d cap is good 18, but at this meta is just way too weak every other wave. Sucks hard 14-15-17, okay 16. Is just not worth to put value into it before 18, and when you get there, you can't add enough dcaps 18 to hold by themselves.
  19. Curing

    Curing Art Director Staff Member

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    Hi there! Future patch images will follow 16:9 aspect ratio to accommodate Youtube and other social media uses. :D
  20. Muaddib

    Muaddib Member

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    Can any1 please explain the New Unit? Cant understand? You have two Options to upgrade or ?