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[v2.30] "Add as friend" function not working

Discussion in 'Minor Bugs' started by foliesseer, Jul 11, 2018.

  1. foliesseer

    foliesseer Member

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    I don't really know if I really need to add anything here. Personally I've tried a few times to add people to my friends list and every single time I have to resort to adding them on steam, and thus rolling the dice of their Steam username being the same as their LTD2 username.

    I really don't know if it is just bugged for me (and if it is, I'll post something like the output_log file or whatever files you need from me) but I know for a fact that the friend requests aren't sending. This is because they don't show up in my outgoing requests on steam when I send a friend request.

    For clarification, I'm talking about the option when you are in-game and you right-click on a person and select the option to add them as a friend.