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v3.12: Great Boar, Red Eyes, King Spells

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Mar 1, 2019.

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    Masters Cup III

    • Sign-ups: End March 25
    • Tournament: March 30-31
    • $500 prize pool
    Sign-up instructions
    1. You and your teammate must have an average peak rating in season 3 of 1500+ to qualify
    2. Have you and your teammate type /join <team name> (e.g. /join Snail Kings) in Global Chat to join a private lobby.
    3. Have one player type /signup while in the private lobby
    Signing up early is advantageous for seed rating

    See the tournament thread for details.

    v3.12a Tweaks
    - Released to live servers!

    - Tweaked player profile to load much faster (removed per-legion ranks, which aren’t as meaningful in Season 3, and they take a long time to load. You can still see per-legion ranks in Leaderboards.)
    - Fixed a bug with placing fighters where if you clicked another fighter, it would fail to build on the green square behind it (this usually happened with vertically tall units like Leviathan or Sand Badger)

    King green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.85 -> 0.88
    - Immolation: Damage increased by 2.5%

    Great Boar green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3200 -> 3250
    - Damage: 55 -> 60
    - Fixed a bug with Great Boar where Stampede wasn’t properly allowing it to fully run through units

    Red Eyes green_arrow.png
    - Health: 8200 -> 8300
    - Damage: 141 -> 153
    - Fixed a bug with Red Eyes where Thunderous Charge wasn’t properly allowing it to fully run through units

    v3.12 Patch Notes
    - Released to Public Test Realm (PTR). How do I join PTR?
    - Released to live servers

    NEW! King Spells

    The king now starts with a random spell, instead of Judgment every time (same spell for both kings). The spells are thematically unique but intentionally have a similar effect. Their purpose is to make sure large leaks aren’t overly punishing to the king, which keeps small-medium leaks relevant.

    - Mana cost: 5 -> 4
    - Damage: Reduced by 23%
    - Now has a small amount of damage variance that independently applies to each unit (to avoid hard thresholds that occasionally made Upgrade Spell overpowered or useless)

    - Deals damage every second to all nearby enemies

    Chain Frost
    - Mana cost: 4
    - Releases an orb of frost that jumps to all nearby enemies, dealing +2% damage per bounce
    - Slows attack speed by 15% for 3 seconds (1.5 seconds to bosses). This effect is also amplified by Upgrade Spell

    Lightning Hammer
    - Mana cost: 3
    - Drains mana over his next 3 attacks, unleashing bouncing lightning bolts

    NEW! Tier 6 & Nomad Release

    Great Boar
    - Cost: 270 gold + 1 supply
    - Upgrades to: Red Eye
    - Movement type: Ground
    - Health: 3200 (Fortified)
    - Damage: 55 (Pierce)
    - Attack speed: 1.0
    - Range: Melee

    Begins accelerating and gaining mana as soon as the wave spawns, and upon collision, deals 15 damage per 10 mana and slows attack speed by 10% in an area of effect

    Mana gain can be amplified by Starcaller and Sorcerer, and the attack speed debuff stacks.

    via Sketchfab

    Red Eyes
    - Upgrade Cost: 420 gold + 1 supply
    - Movement type: Ground
    - Health: 8200 (Fortified)
    - Damage: 141 (Pierce)
    - Attack speed: 1.0
    - Range: Melee

    Thunderous Charge
    Begins accelerating and gaining mana as soon as the wave spawns, and upon collision, deals 35 damage per 10 mana and slows attack speed by 15% in an area of effect

    Mana gain can be amplified by Starcaller and Sorcerer, and the attack speed debuff stacks.

    via Sketchfab

    With the release of Great Boar and Red Eyes, Nomad is now a fully playable legion. Progress on legion 7 has already begun.

    Game Fixes & Improvements

    Loading Screen
    - Now also displays your current rank


    - Significantly improved sound mixer. Spells/buffs/special effects are now better prioritized over attack sounds. Previously it would be impossible to hear these sounds because attack sounds would drown them out

    - Fixed a few cases where some things wouldn't load properly on the client (RendererDispatcher concurrency fixes)

    Gameplay Fixes
    - Fixed a pathing/targeting bug where melee units would accidentally move slower after acquiring a target that was far away
    - Fixed a few misc interface bugs
    - Fixed a minor abuse case where your lane's enemies would warp back to the cave after pulling enemies from another player's lane

    - Updated! If you notice any missing or incorrect translations, check out LegionTD2.com/translate

    Game Balance


    - Significantly improved roll equitability (reduced range by 9 percentage points). You will now see every unit in your roll with similar frequency. Mastermind guarantees (at least one Tier 1, etc. still exist)

    Leak Bounty
    - Bounty to opposing team slightly decreased early game (same late game). The goals are to slightly reduce snowballiness early game and slightly reduce gold in the ecosystem in high leak games, which also reduces long saving for 5+ waves

    Legion Spells

    Villain green_arrow.png
    - Damage amplification: 17% (11% for ranged) -> 17% (13% for ranged)


    Pollywog red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 1.22 -> 1.176

    Peewee green_arrow.png
    - Health: 310 -> 320

    Green Devil green_arrow.png
    - Health: 760 -> 780

    Kingpin green_arrow.png
    - Health: 4000 -> 4250
    - Big Game Hunter: Heal: 12% -> 10%

    Despite Angler being a popular opening, data strongly suggests Kingpin is weak. Shifting power from Big Game Hunter to base stats so that it stays relevant late game without being overly dominant early game

    Pyro green_arrow.png
    - Upgrade cost: 180 -> 175
    - Damage: 33 -> 32
    - Range: 200 -> 250

    If you start Pyro, you can now get your 4th worker at the end of wave 1 instead of at the start of wave 2

    Sky Queen red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 84 -> 83

    The data suggests Sky Queen is too strong, but we’re going light on the nerfs because some of the strongest tanks, which are important to a Sky Queen build, are also receiving nerfs

    Violet green_arrow.png
    - Lightning Strike: Mana cost: 10 -> 9

    King Claw red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 145 -> 140

    Golem red_arrow.png
    - Health: 4900 -> 4830
    - Damage: 151 -> 148

    Butcher green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1070 -> 1300
    - Damage: 67 -> 45
    - Range: 200 -> 100 (Melee)

    Head Chef green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2300 -> 3200
    - DPS: 117 -> 84
    -- Damage: 130 -> 97
    -- Attack Speed: 0.9 -> 0.87
    - Range: 200 -> 100 (Melee)
    - Skull Stew: Mana cost: 10 -> 15

    We previously made Head Chef ranged so it would be able to heal before dying, but that made the unit feel worse because it stopped tanking for DPS units like Nightmare. We’re making Head Chef melee, tankier, and shifting some power out of Skull Stew into base stats.

    Azeria red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 67 -> 66

    Shaving off a little power to allow Green Devil and Lord of Death to compete with Azeria.

    Doppelganger green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3600 -> 3700

    After the range nerf a few patches ago, Doppelganger still dies too easily

    Whitemane red_arrow.png
    - Health 4200 -> 4450
    - Damage: 175 -> 180
    - Council: Damage reduction: 5 + 20% -> 5 + 15%

    Whitemane needs a nerf, and it’s hard to continue nerfing base stats without the aura becoming too much of the unit’s power budget (the aura is still incredibly strong)

    Fatalizer red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 1.52 -> 1.47

    Sand Badger red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.833 -> 0.806

    Iron Scales red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.833 -> 0.806

    Eggsack red_arrow.png
    - Hydra now spawns with 3x the number of stacks (instead of 2x) on the wave Eggsack breaks

    Lord of Death green_arrow.png
    - Undead Dragon: Devour: Health restore: 15% -> 25%

    Hades green_arrow.png
    - Imp: Devour: Health restore: 15% -> 25%

    Early game buff. Makes it not as bad when Undead Dragon or Imp steal a kill from Lord of Death or Hades.

    Banana Bunk red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2890 -> 2900
    - Barbs: Damage: 25 + 10% -> 20 + 10%

    Banana Haven green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 6250 -> 6500
    - Damage: 51x3 -> 57x3
    - Thorns: Damage: 40 + 15% -> 30 + 15%

    These units have been dominant for far too long. Time to give them a legitimate nerf in the early-mid game, while still keeping them relevant late game.

    Warg green_arrow.png
    - Health: 970 -> 990

    Alpha Male green_arrow.png
    - Health: 3300 -> 3350


    Wave balance is in a good spot. Just doing some slight adjustments.

    (15) Quadrapuses green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.84 -> 0.86

    (16) Cardinals green_arrow.png
    - Health: 1850 -> 1880

    (20) Maccabeus red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 165 -> 160
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  2. Seraphin

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    You should mention how much time it can stack!! I guess it's 9 times ? And how is it with the upcrade ? You should probably give more detail how it works also. Personnaly, I don't understand if the debuff is applied for 1 unit only or several unit. ;)

    Hum. With the new king, I'm afraid we will still have a save for 3-4 waves at least in mid/late game.

    Good things I guess. But because they are less gold in the game with the Leak Bounty change, maybe it will be now too strong ?

    Yeah polly are too strong in very early for sure.

    I think this is a good change. Kingpin feel indeed a bit weak at the moment.

    For sure it will be a top tier start now ! I'm really afraid about this change on the range...

    I think Sky Queen is really strong when it is used in mass and feel very strong with the APS/disciple/Leviathan. But still a good thing I guess.

    Yeah. It was not even worth to do it in early...I guess now it will be a viable start.

    I don't really understand this change to be honest. Golem does not feel that strong. Same for King Claw.

    I really like this change! Now you won't use it just to get the aura. I think this is a really good change.

    I don't know about it. With Vilain up, with head chef change maybe it can be okay now. Need to test it to know.

    Yeah. Actually, you still up a bit more stats and nerf a bit more damage reduction. The aura is just BROKEN I think.

    Yeah those units feel a bit too strong at the moment. Particularly Sand Badger as a starter and fatalizer are just completely broken for a lot of waves after 12...

    So it is not worth now to build it wave 2 right ? It will be more used in mid/late game?

    Actually, this unit is just unplayble in early (same for Lord of Death). You don't want to have this for wave 7-8 to be bonest and neither 10.

    I don't understand how it can be still good in late game ??? This unit is just easy to use and that's why it is used a lot by player even if it is not that strong. Particularly since it is very easy to counter it wave 13 for example or wave 9.

    Yeah it was needed. And maybe it is not enough since king now 4 shot it and since we have a new arcane tank and more magic dps.

    Actually, I would up a bit all waves before 20 and nerf 20. With the new king, you can easily survive with 40% even if you leak 30% the wave...

    The patch is really interesting and I feel the balances are good. Particularly, I appreciated this surprise with the new unit :D :D
    Also, cannot wait the next tournament. I'm waiting for a lot of teams and a hard fight for the first place :D

    Thank you for this great job!
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  3. Jules

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    I've updated the patch notes to clarify the ability. It can stack up to 20 times, and you can only really get that if you have Sorcerer and Starcaller.
    Grarl, Ocean Templar, or King Claw had to be nerfed. Grarl is taken 90% of the time and has a >50% win rate. Golem is also quite strong too, according to the data.
    This is primarily a nerf targeted at using Eggsack as a tank and intentionally breaking it ("sacking the Eggsack" as I like to call it) in mid-late game.
    Good point. I'm going to revert the wave 18 nerf. Part of the reason 18 was strong was that the king couldn't kill it in 2 spell casts, but that's all changing this patch anyway.
    And we've got a great tournament director - Seraphin! <3
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  4. Mick

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    I truly love the variation in King Upgrades. Even though you say they have a similar effect, I do hope they are actually so much different that it may sometimes influence when you send + pick your roll with it. I.e. 'oh they have immolation, let's send 17 it's the weakest there' or 'since we have Lightning Hammer, I will pick magic damage.' One thing I can see is that Chain Frost will be the king of the races in general/level 20 in particular

    In the same manner of the above, a suggestion. What if the King Spells actually have a type of damage? That is, Immolation does impact damage, Chain Frost Pierce damage, etc? That seems like a real impact, while still making them be there for the purposes you said?

    About the T6: so its walking time decides how much extra damage he does on the first hit? Is that AOE or single hit? Because I can't imagine one big hit on one unit is worth the speed reduction in an AOE, unless he runs so far in front that AOE does not actually matter, only for other boars. Also, that health :eek:

    Also lovely change to leak bounty. Right now, risk taking is almost never worth it (guessing the opponent won't send next so you push a bit too much), maybe with a reduction to leak bounty, you may try to play more risky, which is also more fun for the sender.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  5. Bluejin

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    Good to see, with Zeus no longer rampant, GD deserves some love.

    Fullstack Kingpin is strong as it is, but the problem is getting there. Angler and Bounty just feel underwhelming and somewhat limit your push. They don't have any strong waves, they're susceptible to resends, and they're very dependent on the rest of your roll to carry them through the early game, at which point it becomes questionable if they're worth the trouble.

    The main culprit is Hydra, and Hydra is still strong.

    Playing with fire, are we? It's already a decent opener, the only thing holding it back being the existance of Drake.

    But why? They were already overshadowed by Hydra, and now they get potentially more significant nerfs?

    Me gusta! Butcher may be a bit weak though

    Green Devil is an early game tank which was nerfed in the ground in the wake of the Zeus/APS/Ranger mess.
    LoD was the king of late game, which you were not happy with for some reason and shifted power into an unreliable earlygame heal and mana regen on last hit.
    Let's nerf Azeria too, and btw I think you forgot Fenix.

    Well guess was necessary with the introduction of all these high health tanks.

    Not really needed, but it's a small one, so whatever.

    Barely used them myself and didn't have that much trouble breaking them either.

    Still going to be S-Tier. Helps somewhat with the abuse case of intentionally breaking them.

    Still not sure why you try to force them into early game.

    Fair enough, especially Alpha Male is pretty useless.

    So Daphnes become even better on 20. If you want to make 20 easier to kill, reducing HP or attack speed would probably be better.

    With the treatment all the other tanks got this patch, you'll have to nerf the new unit too probably.
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2019
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  6. jitsuc4

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    Maccabeus doesn't agree.

    And it seems really strong with starcaller and sorcerer buff, although you probably won't be able to do that in a real game.

    Unit looks nice and promotes different placement styles, which is also good.

    I like the different spells and also the visual and audio effects, makes it more appealing to watch someone fail :p

    Immolation feels a bit awkward in this setup, though, since it's so slow compared to the flashy alternatives. But might mix up sending patterns a bit, since mole + hermit might provide more value vs. immo than they do vs. other spells. Also it seems really weak vs. Maccabeus, since its damage scales down early->late, it appears (169-338 damage vs. 70k hp pool isn't too good).

    Lightning Hammer doesn't trigger vs. single enemies, making it weird on 10/20. Not sure if that is intended, though.

    Not sure about the icons. My first impression was that they don't fit the style of the border/avatars. They look too flat, maybe?

    Overall very good job on the patch, I really like it.
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  7. Matt Piper

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    Love this patch! Different king spells will be cool and I really like the that t6 unit! But please don’t do what Ubisoft did to the Heroes of might and magic series and put spikes on already great looking unit models for no reason!! the gold spiderleg looking spikes on the upgrade look a little silly. The ones on the unupgraded version are more tolerable but could still go :p
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  8. ThiagoLA92

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    How Great Boar works in dual building? When start running?
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  9. Wurakls

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    Best Patch so far!
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  10. reW

    reW Member

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    Overall, great changes and cool new tower imo.
    Looking forward to play some matches again :)
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  11. Falafelrollo

    Falafelrollo Member

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    they were talking about the max mana u can stack before hitting not debuff limit on a target.
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  12. Falafelrollo

    Falafelrollo Member

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    not sure about the egg nerf... u wanted to have them spawn in the same wave and know u made that total useless... the 2 stack hydra was bad if u had to eggsack her... and now even in the wave u build it even less helpful...
    can u still hold 3 solo if the egg breaks? if no egg start is total useless and the same for mid/late eggs if u are not winning... its like a win more unit now
  13. Egekaer

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    @Falafelrollo i disagree. Egg is still very good and do not lose any potential on the rounds after the initial break. The change to egg does that you actually have to think before placing them. They were never meant to be something you placed to hold a wave
  14. Bluejin

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    @Jules What do you think about removing unit collision with friendlies for the boar during it's charge? Would be a nice quality of life change for it since it's basically designed to run through the entire team, because right now it can get stuck on other units in it's path which can be quite frustrating. And yeah, early on you can play around that with placement, but late I haven't found a way yet to do so with more units without messing up order of tanking.
  15. Falafelrollo

    Falafelrollo Member

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    mhh than why did they change it to spawn in the same wave at all?

    but until know i dind leak 3 with egg solo... still need to test it vs a hermit
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
  16. Ceeboz

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    hate the egg change, rest is good.
  17. Falafelrollo

    Falafelrollo Member

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    ok i think i got a 100er send vs solo egg on 3 and leaked only half dead DT its still ok but not op anymore
  18. Jules

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    The goals of the Eggsack change were to:
    1. Nerf using Eggsack as a tank ("sacking" it) mid-late game
    2. Not nerf Eggsack opening
    The reason we added the "hatch a weakened Hydra upon breaking" mechanic was so that if your Eggsack broke, it wasn't completely devastating (previously, you would get a weakened Hydra and leak half the wave, which was unreasonably punishing and sometimes caused players to quit the game). We also want it to be possible to break the Eggsack on waves 2/3. If we had buffed Eggsack health and removed the "hatch upon breaking" mechanic, it would make Eggsack start impossible to break and less dynamic. There is really interesting counterplay right now, where you can go Eggsack on 2, and if you receive a send or if your attacker started a low-worker opening, you can build to save your Eggsack on 3, but if you don't receive a send and your opponent started a high-worker opening, you can opt into pushing workers and intentionally letting your Eggsack break on 3.

    Goal #1 was achieved. Eggsack's effective health was reduced 913 if you use it to tank. Goal #2 was mostly achieved. There are some edge cases where Eggsack opening is weaker (if you intentionally let you Eggsack break on 3 and you receive a huge send, such as a Hermit, you can leak more now). We're always open to ideas on how to improve Eggsack. It's a really interesting unit, but also tricky to balance and get right.

    Worth noting that preliminary data suggests Eggsack is still viable.

    Will be pushing a hotfix that fixes this, plus a small buff to the king.
  19. Falafelrollo

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    jup i play eggstart a lot since the patch its still ok :)
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  20. MightyGorgon

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    Red eye’s gold cost is 420. Suddenly those extra long vacations are making more sense :D
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