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v5.00: Season 5

Discussion in 'Patch Notes' started by Jules, Dec 13, 2019.

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    Season 5 Begins

    Season 4 has officially ended. Rewards will be distributed in the coming days, and ratings will be soft-reset. Ranked will be disabled on Friday, December 13 at 6pm PST and re-enabled on Monday, December 16 at 9am PST. During this time, we will have a Classic 4v4-only weekend. Season 5 begins as soon as patch v5.00 goes live.


    v5.00 Patch Notes

    NEW! Shrine Tier 6


    Soul Gate
    - Cost: 260 gold
    - Health: 2000 (Immaterial)
    - Damage: n/a

    Blood Price

    Gains mana regen based on missing health. Every time it summons a unit, it loses 20% max hp (can kill itself).

    Dimensional Rift
    Summons a Hellion and Nightcrawler

    - Health: 750 (Natural)
    - Damage: 30 (Impact)
    - Attack speed: 1.67
    - Range: Melee

    - Health: 360 (Natural)
    - Damage: 30 (Magic)
    - Attack speed: 1.18
    - Range: 400

    via Sketchfab


    Hell Gate

    - Upgrade cost: 420 gold
    - Health: 5000 (Immaterial)
    - Damage: n/a

    Blood Price

    Gains mana regen based on missing health. Every time it summons a unit, it loses 20% max hp (can kill itself).

    Dimensional Chasm
    Summons an Elite Hellion and Elite Nightcrawler

    Elite Hellion

    - Health: 1860 (Natural)
    - Damage: 60 (Impact)
    - Attack speed: 1.79
    - Range: Melee

    Elite Nightcrawler
    - Health: 900 (Natural)
    - Damage: 60 (Magic)
    - Attack speed:1.47
    - Range: 400

    via Sketchfab

    NEW! Shrine Legion Release

    With the release of Soul Gate and Hell Gate, Shrine is now a fully playable legion. Progress on legion 8 has already begun.

    AsianGhost_Announce (1).jpg

    A lost civilization of long-standing traditions. Out of respect for the dead, they constructed a gate symbolically connecting the worlds of the living and the dead. One night, there appeared a crescent moon with an eerie reddish hue. At the gate, what was once a white rope warding off spirits was now stained dark red. The inhabitants of the Shrine began experiencing oddities, catching glimpses of the dead, and feeling an impending sense of doom. The realm of the dead grows larger every night, creeping and expanding its unholy dominion. The Shrine is no longer welcome to the living.

    NEW! Profile 2.0


    Playstyle Radar Chart
    - Every player is assigned points in 6 classes based on their playstyle and performance (extra weight given to recent games)

    - Most gold from income. It's all about that late-game scaling.

    - Most king upgrades. All hail the king.

    - Fewest waves leaked. Give no quarter.

    - Most leaks caught. Teamwork is OP.

    - Caused the most opponent leaks. The best defense is a good offense.

    - Most waves with no mythium sent. Keep them guessing.

    Favorite Rolls & Openings

    Favorite Rolls
    - The 6 rolls (base fighter only) you picked most often this season

    Favorite Openings
    - The 6 fighters (base and upgrades) you started with most often this season

    Past Season Statistics

    - You can now view high-level statistics (rating, ranked win rate, etc.) from previous seasons, assuming the data was tracked then

    NEW! Fighter Stats


    NEW! Wave Stats


    NEW! Match History


    NEW! Wins Leaderboards

    Ranked Wins This Season


    Classic Wins This Season


    Look & Feel

    Play Menu

    2019-12-13_17h50_19.png 2019-12-13_17h49_50.png 2019-12-13_17h49_58.png

    Legion Select


    Victory & Defeat Banners


    - New victory & defeat music
    - New waiting for players & loading screen music
    - New “King In Danger” theme when the whole team leaks a lot
    - All Legion Spells now have unique sounds
    - A variety of sound fixes and tweaks; overall the client should sound smoother now

    New icons
    - Booster, Stimpack, Leech, Cannibalism

    Booster.png Stimpack.png Leech.png Cannibalism.png

    2v2 Map

    - Improved gate graphics

    4v4 Map

    - Texture update to make the map less bright/oversaturated

    Legion Spells
    - Improved graphics for Magician, Sorcerer, Protector, Guardian Angel

    Floating Texts
    - Red bonus damage text is now a bit more subdued (affects things like Berserker, Wave 18, etc.)

    Matchmaking & Ratings

    Placement matches
    - Your first 10 ranked games in the season are now considered "placement" matches which will have 2x rating changes

    Display fixes
    - Fixed some cases where rating stakes were rounded incorrectly (at most resulted in 1 rating point difference)
    - Fixed a case where +30/-2 matches were mistakenly being displayed as +31/-1

    Quality of Life

    Ready Button
    - You can now click "ready" via a button instead of having to type the -ready command. You can also click the button again to toggle on/off whether you are ready or not.
    - Wave 1 preparation time: 80 -> 90 seconds

    Match Ties
    - Tied matched (where a player failed to connect on wave 1) will cancel the match after 5 seconds instead of 15 seconds

    "Abandoned Match" Fix
    - Fixed some cases where the "abandoned match" message would show when requeueing after you already finished the game

    In-game HUD
    - Added text that shows a unit's grid position when deploying fighters or selecting an existing fighter (in build phase only). This option can be toggled on in settings (default off).
    - Added a loading spinner in the middle of the screen if you are lagging badly (out of sync with server)
    - Lifebar styles are now unified (yours = green, enemy creatures = red, everything else = player colored)
    - Mercenaries now show base unit tooltip (so players can understand, for example, that Dragon Turtle is more about its arcane tankiness than its magic dps)
    - Fixed a case where the HUD would ping things instead of clicking them (AltHeld is now reset every couple seconds)
    - A variety of other fixes & tweaks

    - Fixed a case where a client would be continually lagging, but never catch up with the server (disabled full sync throttle)
    - Fixed a case where initialization would be bugged under certain latency conditions (ForceSyncAllTime was called before game started)

    Custom Games
    - Added a new custom game mode: "Mastermind" which just forces everyone to play Mastermind. Useful for tournament games!

    - /signup command now supports signing up as a solo player

    Official Game Guide
    - You can now access the official game guide from a link in the client

    Build Testing
    - All -save/-load builds are now contained in player logs (previously was only the final wave's builds). This means after any game, you can reload any player's build from any wave for testing things like: would that build have leaked to brutes instead of fiends? would I have held if I put the bunk further forward? etc.

    - Fixed a bug where gray borders/graphical artifacts would appear on the arrow graphic


    - Updated! Visit LegionTD2.com/translate if you'd like to help with translations. Any fixes or additions you make will show up in-game the following patch.

    Gameplay Fixes

    - Fixed a rare case where units from one lane would wander into another lane

    Angler, Bounty Hunter, Kingpin
    - Fixed a rare bug where Angler, Bounty Hunter, or Kingpin would jump to full mana (added a failsafe check after upgrading them)

    Gaia Shield
    - Lost Chieftain now smarter about buffing Azeria (whose ability heals it based on max hp) with Gaia Shield

    Reviving units
    - Units that revive (Guardian Angel, Eternal Wanderer, Samurai Soul) are now aggroed later when breaking ties

    Attack speed fix
    - Fixed a long-standing bug with units attacking faster or slower than their attack speed indicated. As a result, a lot of units have had their attack speeds tweaked so that their power remains the same.

    Takeover bots
    - Fixed a bug where bots that take over for a disconnected player that was dual-building wouldn't train workers or send mercenaries when dual building. They still won't build (this is hard to implement), but at least they aren't useless now.

    Game Balance

    No-build Strategy red_arrow.png
    (also known as "cross" or "suicide")

    This strategy involves one player only training workers, while the other player(s) build to cover. While it's an interesting strategy, it's too strong for how frustrating and chaotic it is. Our goal with this nerf is not to destroy the strategy, but rather to build a lever to nerf or buff it as needed.

    Leaking 100% now grants additional gold to the opposing team. This amount is equal to 0.25 x BountyLeaked x WaveFactor, where WaveFactor scales from 0.35 on wave 1 to 1.5 on wave 20. For example, leaking 100% of wave 4 grants 12 bonus gold to the opposing team.

    Legion Spells

    There’s been a power creep for legion spells over the past year, so we’re nerfing the strongest ones:

    Giant Snail red_arrow.png
    - Health: 560 -> 540
    - Damage: 24 -> 23

    Guardian Angel red_arrow.png
    - Maximum health: 2500 -> 2400
    - Now revives after 2 seconds instead of immediately

    Protector red_arrow.png
    - Protection Aura: 2 damage reduction + 8 regeneration -> 2 damage reduction + 7 regeneration

    Vampire red_arrow.png
    - Vampirism Aura: Spell Vamp: Now 80% as effective with area of effect spells

    Area of effect, in this context, is defined as any spell that hits an uncapped number of units
    • Banana Bunk’s Barbs
    • Banana Haven’s Thorns
    • Honeyflower’s Fragrance
    • Deathcap’s Noxious Scent
    • Pyro’s Pyromancy
    • Millennium’s Explosive Shells
    • Doomsday Machine’s Detonation
    • King Claw’s Shell Shock
    • Great Boar’s Stampede
    • Red Eyes’ Thunderous Charge
    • Yozora’s Wintry Touch
    • Arctaire’s Frozen Veil
    - Removed from the game

    With the introduction of so many more interesting spells, Market feels lackluster. Expect some new legion spells in early season 5.


    Immolation green_arrow.png
    - Buffed slightly on early-mid game waves


    Looter red_arrow.png
    - Health: 90 -> 80

    Ranger green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 38 -> 25
    - Attack speed: 0.71 -> 1.1
    - Accuracy: 20% bonus damage to bosses -> 5 bonus pure damage to bosses

    Daphne green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1130 -> 1050
    - Precision: 30% bonus damage to bosses -> 15 bonus damage to bosses
    - New ability: Mark Target: Amplifies all damage dealt by 1 (0.25 to bosses), stacking up to 10 times

    Another season, another Ranger and Daphne rework. Stronger against waves 5, 15, and 20. Daphne now synergizes with many units and fast attackers.

    Zeus red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 2.56 -> 2.5

    Infiltrator red_arrow.png
    - Shuriken: Bonus damage: 35 -> 33

    Orchid red_arrow.png
    - Shuriken Cyclone: Bonus damage: 35 -> 33

    Gateguard green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Chaos Hound: Attack type: Pierce -> Impact
    - Chaos Hound: Defense type: Natural -> Fortified

    Harbinger green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Cerberus: Attack type: Pierce -> Impact
    - Cerberus: Defense type: Natural -> Fortified

    Simplifying typing, filling a shortage of impact units, and decreasing the overabundance of pierce units

    Eternal Wanderer green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 36 -> 38
    - Now less likely to be instantly focused after reviving
    - Shallow Grave now procs sequentially with Guardian Angel, instead of at the same time

    Samurai Soul green_arrow.png
    - Damage: 112 -> 118
    - Now less likely to be instantly focused after reviving
    - Shallow Grave now procs sequentially with Guardian Angel, instead of at the same time

    Leviathan green_arrow.png
    - Aerial Command: Does not stack -> Now stacks up to 2 times

    Butcher green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1350 -> 1400
    - Attack speed: 0.87 -> 0.95
    - Leech: 5 life on-hit + 16% life steal and spell-vamp -> 20% life steal and spell-vamp
    - Leech: Spell vamp: Now 80% as effective with area of effect spells

    Head Chef green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 97 -> 105
    - Attack speed: 0.87 -> 0.95
    - Cannibalism: 10 life on-hit + 24% life steal and spell-vamp -> 30% life steal and spell-vamp
    - Cannibalism: Spell vamp: Now 80% as effective with area of effect spells

    Butcher and Head Chef are too strong early game and too strong with area of effect units like Banana Haven. We’re shifting power to synergy with single-target DPS units like Doppelganger, Kingpin, and Fenix, which is what Butcher was intended to be strong with.

    APS red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.95 -> 0.91

    MPS red_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.95 -> 0.91

    Grarl green_arrow.png
    - Delicacy: May be sold for 90% of its total cost, decreased by 10% each wave -> May be sold for 90% on any wave

    Increasing the flexibility of an interesting ability and potentially opening up Grarl into Banana Bunk, Millennium, Lord of Death, Eggsack, Fire Lord, Orchid, or Alpha Male on wave 3

    Ocean Templar green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1700 -> 1900
    - Damage: 155 -> 160
    - Resonance: 25 + 4% missing health -> 4% missing health
    - Delicacy: May be sold for 90% of its total cost, decreased by 10% each wave -> May be sold for 90% on any wave

    Kingclaw green_arrow.png
    - Delicacy: May be sold for 90% of its total cost, decreased by 10% each wave -> May be sold for 90% on any wave

    Priestess of the Abyss green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.94 -> 0.96

    Azeria green_arrow.png
    - Invigorate: Mana cost: 13 -> 12

    Berserker green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Damage: 29 -> 33
    - Attack speed: 1.33 -> 1.27

    Now 3-shots wave 3 which makes Berserker a more viable opening

    Disciple green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    -- Mana Burst: Mana Cost: 9 -> 7
    -- Now starts with 0 mana

    Starcaller green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    -- Asteroid: Mana Cost: 9 -> 7
    -- Now starts with 0 mana

    Reducing frustration around multiple Disciples/Starcallers overkilling a unit at the start of the fight

    Lord of Death green_arrow.png
    - Defense type: Swift -> Arcane
    - Conjure Dragon: Mana cost: 30 -> 29
    - Undead Dragon: Health: 700 -> 800

    Hades green_arrow.png
    - Defense type: Swift -> Arcane
    - Imp: Health: 1300 -> 1400
    - Imp: Attack type: Pierce -> Magic

    Simplifying typing, filling a shortage of arcane units, and decreasing the overabundance of pierce units

    Fire Lord green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 1650 -> 1800
    - Attack range: 400 -> 200

    Fenix green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Health: 3800 -> 4000
    - Attack range: 400 -> 200

    Making these units easier to split tank with

    Great Boar green_arrow.png
    - Stampede: Damage increased by 8%

    Red Eyes green_arrow.png
    - Stampede: Damage increased by 6%

    Millennium green_arrow.png
    - Explosive Shells: Damage no longer reduced against flying units
    - Fixed a bug where Explosive Shells could not hit more than 20 units at once (no longer has a maximum)

    Doomsday Machine green_arrow.png
    - Detonation: Damage no longer reduced against flying units
    - Fixed a bug where Detonation could not hit more than 20 units at once (no longer has a maximum)

    This makes Millennium to a more viable opening and solidifies Doomsday Machine as a powerhouse on wave 17


    Mimic red_arrow.png
    - Health: 2250 -> 2200

    Centaur green_arrow.png red_arrow.png
    - Mythium cost: 320 -> 280
    - Health: 4500 -> 5000
    - Damage: 210 -> 220
    - Cleave: Removed
    - Spawn position: Middle -> Front
    - Income and bounty: 80 -> 70

    Centaur’s identity as the anti-spam mercenary was overshadowed by the introduction of Witch. We’re shifting it to become a natural tank, which is currently lacking.


    (2) Wales green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.87 -> 0.89

    (11) Quill Shooters green_arrow.png
    - Attack speed: 0.76 -> 0.78
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  3. Chilingfrost

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    Hey guys, three comments

    1. You are saying butcher/chef is Too strong with AoE units like haven But you didn’t actually nerf this synergy? Like AoE abilities doesn’t get The on hit effect so 20*0.8=16 and 30*0.8=24 which is exact values pre “nerf”

    2. Ieviathan double stack, i Think it sounds like a fun mechanic, But you might get The pee wee/levi problem again

    3. Doesn’t The centaur change almost make ram obsolete?

    Also I am hyped But Can first play it on february...
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  4. Jules

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    Let me look into this tomorrow when I'm less tired. Will get back to you.
    Hah, that was the first thing I said when Lisk proposed this idea. I agree it's a fun mechanic though. If it's too strong, we can nerf the flat component. To be honest, we may just need to nerf the aura overall, since 2x Leviathan with Sky Queen or Fenix sounds strong too. 12 + 36% damage is pretty crazy.
    I don't think so. Siege Ram is fortified, so it's still going to be better against pierce-heavy builds.

    High impact, low spell: Ghost Knight
    High impact, high spell, low magic: Centaur
    High impact, high pierce, low magic: Centaur
    High pierce, low impact: Siege Ram
    High magic or late game: Kraken

    The optimal mercenary is going to depend on their damage profile.
  5. Mick

    Mick Member

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    Love that new unit, quite interesting to see a T6 which basically consists of multiple T2 units unupgraded and T4 upgraded. Also wonder how this will be used in reality, since it's half ranged/half melee and different attack types.

    Also great new profiles, this will be profile-checking in the extra 10 seconds we've been given on round 1 ;)

    And because a comment is useless without some criticism, the 2 things I'm a bit sad about are the removal of things. I actually liked Market, sure it's not spectacular, but a Spell which gives you a bit of everything was nice to have when you were doing good in your game.

    And I don't really understand the change to Centaur. Couldn't you just add a new natural tank Merc to the game instead of removing Centaur? I also don't really agree with the identity of it; I would describe its identity as a Swift Armor killer, who is more or less immune to being countered with T1 spam. For example, you can't make Arctaires with a bunch of T1 to counter like you can counter Mimic. I wouldn't really know what DPS to send vs Arctaire late game now (maybe siege ram will be best).

    Lastly, I'm a bit surprised about buffs to both Starcaller and Boar. The combo is already one of the greatest in the game, and with both being buffed I guess it will dominate the new season again.

    Edit: Doesn't giving King Claw permanent 90% sell make the game more random? Can cover 13 hard with it, and you can sell it for arcane if they skip. Same for covering wave 17 + 18 and 19+20. Not much you can do as enemy about that.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  6. Cornep

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    Ok so most important things first.

    @Curing that Hell Gate is literally the best thing about this patch, and the patch is best one so far @Jules and @Lisk , Great job!
    How can we get the card for the Gates, when assuming the minions killing things give cards for the minions?
    Also, the unit oozes memes, so this is like an early Christmas gift for us!

    The profile changes are better than we could have imagined, this is SO MUCH goodness in the graphs and things. 11/10 stars

    Love to have the damage amp from Daphne back

    Fenix change is good, maybe it is usable again

    the grarlrlrlr change has potential for some amazing memes

    Will those LoD buffs be enough to get it from being the worst unit? :thinking:

    About the profile statistics, are they for ranked only or is classic + ranked mixed together?

    WTB buffs to snowball in 4v4 please. There are so many leaks, the snowball takes 10 years to hit everything and killing you. at least immo and judgement kill low hp ones
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  7. MStylo

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    I agree with @Mick that King Claw delicacy is too strong and I also dislike the Centaur change. For lategame tanking there is Ram & Kraken. Witch will not fill the place this change brought up.

    I acually liked Fenix as he was. Now it feels bit weird since he became essentially melee unit.
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  8. Bonny

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    Damn, this was not intended to go that long, but here is the first Patchnote Balance Discussion i made!
    Please excuse that im no native speaker and gotta improve a lot.

    Feel free to give any suggestions.

    Videos about the new statistics and the T6 will come soon.
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  9. IQ_999

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    Well this seems to be an awesome patch - especially added stats are really nice and many small good changes like focus after guardian angel aso.

    First thing I thoght when reading change about gateguard was, that there might have been a reason why the summon had pierce dmg before.
    After testing it alot now - i think it might not be 100% thoght-out. Depending on focus there are rare cases now where a single gateguard kann kill wave1 with snailsend completely (or even proleak). Combined with a 5-0 start this guarantees a turtlesend before income and with p.e. warg in your roll you are safe vs turtle in 2 as well. This means a 5-0 start with guaranteed turtlesend before income wich cannot be properly punished (depending on luck). Even a small leak with that push might be desirable - and with most terrible focus that leak is 7 crabs- mostly 4-5. Kinda worth the risk.

    Considering the new portal - is it intended that starcallers mana regen does not work with it? - there is only written that hp regen does not work - nothing about mana regen - if i'm not blind^^

    Is this the place to discuss the patch or are there extra threads in balance discussion or somewhere else?
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2019
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  10. Jules

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    Thanks for the comments, everyone. And great job with the patch review, Bonny. I watched the whole thing.

    I'm really proud of this patch and excited to play it. There will always be some things people disagree with, but overall, 95% of the changes are positive and not controversial, so we can be happy about that!
    You're right, but Butcher and Head Chef are still weaker with AoE units because they no longer have the on-hit heal (it worked on Honeyflower's autoattacks, for example).
    Right now, you can get Soul Gate and Hell Gate cards when the spawns get kills. In the future, we plan to add ways to get Hellion, Nightcrawler, Elite Hellion, and Elite Nightcrawler cards.
    You can view Ranked or Classic individually; they aren't combined.
    That's a fair criticism, though keep in mind it was already possible to build Kingclaws on 13 or 17 and then Delicacy them, and no one complained it was abusive. Players didn't even do it much because 90% sell is still a loss of 42 gold per Kingclaw. Similarly, Pawn Shop looks OP on paper (+80 gold and 90% sell on every unit), but it's still the least popular legion spell in the game and only has a 50% win rate.
    Wherever you want, but usually here is fine.

    Changes based on feedback and testing:

    Soul Gate and Hell Gate:
    • Buffs to Soul Gate and Hell Gate health to make them less of a noob trap early game
    • Nerfs to Hellion, Nightcrawler, Elite Hellion, and Elite Nightcrawler health
    • Design change to Blood Price: Soul Gate and Hell Gate (and the spawns) can now be affected by heals and auras, as usual; however, Blood Price can kill the gates. We made this change to prevent late game abuse cases (and server issues) where the gates infinitely spawn units rapidly at 1 health.
    I would say there are 3 buckets of auras that can synergies with Soul Gate and Hell Gate:
    • Mana regeneration (Starcaller, Magician): Strongest upfront power; spawns rapidly then dies
    • Standard auras (MPS, Whitemane, Head Chef, Vampire, Hero): Middle-ground
    • Heals (Ocean Templar): Highest upside; potentially infinite spawns at a low spawn rate
    Other changes:
    • Slight nerf to no-builder "suicide" strategy (was already implemented but forgot to put in patch notes)
    • Guardian Angel now revives after 2 seconds instead of immediately
    • Grid position text is now defaulted off (can be enabled via settings)
    • Tons of bug fixes
    • Significant sound improvements. If you notice any sounds being too quiet, too loud, or off in some way, please let us know.
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  11. IQ_999

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    Hell Gate actually doesnt work with Guardian Angel.
    If Hellgate dies through it's 10th summon, it will not resurrect.
    If it dies through monsters, it resurects with 2400 HP and full mana, but does not summon anymore.
    I didnt test if for Soulgate - but might be same there
    Last edited: Dec 15, 2019
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  12. Barashnukor

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    When (time) will the patch be activated?
  13. Cornep

    Cornep Member

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    Also, how much faster does the unit regen mana per hp% lost?

    As in, how sadistic should we be with our Tori?
  14. Mick

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    Just for people only checking forum and not Discord, this is what Lisk said on Discord.

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  15. Jules

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    This is fixed now, thank you for testing it.
    10% faster per stack of Blood Price, stacking multiplicatively.

    Changes based on feedback and testing:
    • Fixed Guardian Angel interaction with Soul Gate and Hell Gate
    • Nerfed Nightcrawler and Elite Nightcrawler attack speed by 15%
    • Many more bug fixes and SFX improvements
    The new unit is really hard to balance (I spent many hours over the past few days testing and iterating), so please be gentle if it comes out unbalanced.
  16. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    Patch is live!

    More changes to Soul Gate and Hell Gate:
    • Base mana cost to summon: 10 -> 15
    • Stats of summons buffed by 50%
    • Blood Price health cost: 10% -> 15%
  17. Chilingfrost

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    Hey @Jules sorry I am not active on discord, don’t have The app and I am on vacation with my gf far away from my computer...

    If you wanted to nerf butcher/headchef with AoE units shouldn’t you make The percentage gained less than The actual old values (reduction<16% when math is applied)? Like on hit for honey flower at least didn’t mean that much... But I am not a High elo player and only talk from experience. But i Do Think The on hit was really Good with garg passive and Can understand the on hit nerf. I Can see Why some auras need early game strength while others need late game strength (diversity is

    Just noticed another thing, is it on purpose that you aren’t giving daphne just a bit more attackspeed with The change?
  18. Jules

    Jules Developer Staff Member

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    The goal was to nerf Butcher and Head Chef early game and with AoE and buff them late game and with single-target damage. I think we accomplished that. Early game AoE is weaker. Late game single-target is stronger. Early game single-target and late game AoE have mixed results, which is fine. I probably overcompensated with some of the stat buffs I gave Butcher and Head Chef, so I may need to nerf them next patch.
    This was intended. Daphne already attacks faster than Ranger and got a new ability, so it didn't need more attack speed. I'm pretty sure Daphne is quite strong right now
  19. Lisk

    Lisk Director Staff Member

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    - Bug fixes
    - Nerfed Soul Gate & Hell Gate mana regen

    - Tutorial missions are now all unlocked from the start (temporary fix for players who couldn't progress)
    - Soul Gate & Hell Gate minions buffed (about 10-15% more hp)
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  20. SiegeMentality

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    Two things:

    1 - The new profile screens do not have a visible counter for badges. As in, if I want to see how many more games I need to suffer through Forsaken to get the next badge, I can't.

    2 - I guess because I never stopped a season at 1200, the 1200 peak rating badge doesn't appear active.

    Edit: I forgot. Unbreakable needs to have collection points removed. It's absolutely ridiculous how high certain people have climbed in collection value by manipulating Unbreakable.