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Wave 10 Boss killed all my units in the night

Discussion in 'Major Bugs' started by Hiei77, Jan 12, 2019 at 3:44 PM.

  1. Hiei77

    Hiei77 Member

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    Sorry i forgot to say it was in version 2.44 so last patch

    I played a game where the boss didn't walked to the king and stayed on my lane and killed all the units in the night. The bug appeared after a he killed my Zeus who just had full mana... I guess the game thought the spell dmg would kill the Boss but the dmg wasn't calculated in... Legion TD 2 Screenshot 1-11-19 01.29.22.png
    On the next Wave he spawned with the 11 creeps... after he killed all my units but 3 bone warriors...
    Legion TD 2 Screenshot 1-11-19 01.29.49.png
    i lost 23 points in this game and would like to have them back :D
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