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Wave Counters Guide

Discussion in 'Strategy Guides' started by Jules, Mar 19, 2019.

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    Wave Counters Guide
    Last updated: v3.13

    I've heard a decent number of players request a guide on "which units are good on which waves." It's often as simple as using attack and defense type, but ultimately, Legion TD 2 is a complex game with lots of interactions. This guide is based on my personal experience. I'm happy to take feedback and change it, and I'll do my best to update it every patch.

    • I assume units are in a theoretical balanced state. If a particular unit is OP on a given patch, that doesn't make it a counter to every wave.
    • I assume the average case with an average mercenary send. Some units will be strong in combination with other units or weak against certain mercenaries - that doesn't mean they are or aren't a counter to a particular wave.
    • #1 = hard counters: units that perform significantly better than their value would suggest, or units that auto-clear the wave (mostly applies to strong units on early waves)
    • #2 = soft counters: units that perform moderately better than their value would suggest
    General Tips
    • Understand attack/defense types. You don't have to know the exact percentages by heart, but you should know that magic counters natural, pierce counters swift and arcane, and impact counters fortified and arcane.
    This can be opened in-game by clicking the book icon in the bottom right
    • Tier 1 units (10-25 gold) are strong because they allow you to spend your gold efficiently. Unless you're good enough to know better, spend all of your gold every wave, including that last 37 gold on two Bone Warriors.
    • It is sometimes better to prepare for future waves by building units that are bad on the current wave.
    Wave 1
    On this wave, you should often build units that counter future waves.
    1. Bounty Hunter, Grarl, Azeria, Fire Elemental, Mudman, Bone Crusher, Butcher, Nightmare, Honeyflower, Antler, Pyro, Desert Pilgrim, Sand Badger, Berserker, Priestess of the Abyss
    2. Windhawk, Gateguard, Consort, Wileshroom, Tempest, Warg
    Wave 2
    1. Antler, Pyro, Nightmare, Banana Bunk, Violet
    2. Bone Warrior, Looter, Pack Rat, Butcher, Bone Crusher, Windhawk, Grarl, Honeyflower, Warg, Wileshroom, Tempest, Sea Serpent
    Wave 3
    1. Gargoyle, Green Devil, Pyro, Banana Bunk, Fire Elemental, Priestess of the Abyss, Sand Badger, Violet
    2. Peewee, Veteran, Honeyflower, Wileshroom, Pollywog, Seraphin, Devilfish
    Wave 4
    1. Fire Archer, Devilfish, Nightmare, Berserker, Sea Serpent, Buzz, Consort, Warg, Harpy, Sky Queen, Ranger, Daphne, Banana Bunk
    2. Pyro, Honeyflower, Aqua Spirit, Fire Elemental, Violet
    Wave 5
    1. Pyro, Violet, Mudman, Desert Pilgrim, Ocean Templar
    2. Banana Bunk, Buzz, Consort, Pollywog, Seraphin, Priestess of the Abyss, Antler, Bone Crusher, Butcher, Honeyflower
    Wave 6
    This wave has a ramping ability that makes it stronger against solitary units and weaker against many units.
    1. Devilfish, Looter, Pack Rat, Hydra, Violet, Windhawk, Bone Warrior, Berserker, Antler, Millennium, Bazooka, Zeus, Butcher
    2. Grarl, Fire Elemental, Daphne, Fire Archer, Dark Mage, Pollywog, Proton, Buzz, Canopie, Gateguard
    Wave 7
    1. Canopie, Millennium, Sand Badger, Peewee, Veteran, Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave, Deepcoiler, Banana Bunk
    2. Fire Elemental, Tempest, Leviathan, Ranger, Daphne, Bazooka, Harpy, Sky Queen, Disciple, Sea Serpent, Bounty Hunter, Gateguard, Harbinger
    Wave 8
    1. Peewee, Veteran, Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave, Fire Elemental, Deepcoiler, Kingpin, Lord of Death, Banana Bunk
    2. Millennium, Priestess of the Abyss, Canopie, Sand Badger, Gargoyle, Green Devil, Tempest, Leviathan, Ranger, Daphne, Harpy, Sky Queen, Disciple, Sea Serpent, Bounty Hunter, APS, Nightmare, Gateguard, Harbinger
    Wave 9
    This wave has an ability that makes it stronger against ranged units and weaker against melee units.
    1. King Claw, Hydra, Windhawk, Violet, Mudman, Golem, Kingpin, Butcher, Head Chef, Antler, Whitemane, Great Boar, Deathcap
    2. Grarl, Bone Crusher, Buzz, Consort, Canopie, Pyro, Banana Bunk, Gateguard, Harbinger, Honeyflower, Banana Bunk, Banana Haven
    Wave 10
    1. Sea Serpent, Deepcoiler, King Claw, Hydra, Windhawk, Disciple, Starcaller, Pack Rat, Nightmare, Doppelganger, Berserker, Fatalizer, Ranger, Daphne, Antler, Whitemane, Buzz, Consort,
    2. Looter, Bone Warrior, Green Devil, Tempest, Leviathan, Harpy, Sky Queen, Bazooka, Millennium, Banana Bunk, Banana Haven, Devilfish
    Wave 11
    Be careful about AOE units like Pyro and Deathcap on ranged waves like 11 because they can be countered by tank mercenaries.
    1. Pollywog, Seraphin, Ocean Templar, Desert Pilgrim, Lost Chieftain, Mudman, Golem, Banana Bunk, Banana Haven
    2. Kingpin, Priestess of the Abyss, Azeria, Lord of Death, Fire Lord, Honeyflower, Deathcap, Pyro, Harpy, Sky Queen, APS, MPS, Tempest, Leviathan, Violet, Gateguard, Harbinger, Buzz, Consort
    Wave 12
    1. Banana Bunk, Banana Haven, Tempest, Leviathan, APS, MPS, Great Boar, Red Eyes, Kingpin, Bounty Hunter, Warg, Lioness, Alpha Male, Pyro, Honeyflower, Deathcap
    2. Harpy, Sky Queen, Buzz, Consort, Gateguard, Harbinger, Ranger, Daphne, Mudman, Golem, Angler, Disciple, Starcaller
    Wave 13
    1. Berserker, Fatalizer, King Claw, Hydra, Windhawk, Violet, Butcher, Head Chef, Doomsday Machine
    2. Devilfish, Grarl, Doppelganger, Azeria, Fire Lord, Fenix, Millennium, Pack Rat, Bazooka, Zeus
    Wave 14
    This wave has an ability that makes it stronger against units with spell damage and weaker against units without spell damage.
    1. Sand Badger, Iron Scales, Canopie, Millennium, Doomsday Machine
    2. Wileshroom, Doppelganger, Sea Serpent, Deepcoiler, Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave, Ranger, Daphne, Bazooka, Great Boar, Red Eyes, Harpy, Sky Queen, Kingpin, Mudman, Golem, Kingpin, Disciple
    Wave 15
    1. Pollywog, Priestess of the Abyss, Azeria, Green Devil, Lord of Death, Sand Badger, Iron Scales
    2. Canopie, Veteran, Fire Elemental, Gargoyle, Fire Lord, Fenix, Hades, Desert Pilgrim, Lost Chieftain, Millennium, Doomsday Machine
    Wave 16
    1. Nightmare, Doppelganger, Sea Serpent, Deepcoiler, Warg, Lioness, Alpha Male, Honeyflower, Deathcap, Pyro
    2. Devilfish, Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave, Fire Elemental, Disciple, Starcaller, Hades, Buzz, Consort, Tempest, Leviathan, Harpy, Sky Queen, Banana Bunk, Banana Haven, Ranger, Daphne, Hydra
    Wave 17
    1. Hydra, Banana Bunk, Banana Haven, Great Boar, Red Eyes, Bounty Hunter, King Claw, Mudman, Golem, Kingpin, Warg, Lioness, Alpha Male, Doomsday Machine, APS, MPS, Windhawk, Antler, Whitemane, Pyro, Honeyflower, Deathcap
    2. Millennium, Angler, Grarl, Harpy, Sky Queen, Gateguard, Harbinger, Violet, Aqua Spirit, Rogue Wave, Bazooka, Butcher, Head Chef, Disciple, Starcaller
    Wave 18
    This wave has fewer and softer counters because it deals both impact and magic damage.
    1. Fire Lord, Fenix, Berserker, Fatalizer, Honeyflower, Deathcap, Pyro, Lord of Death
    2. Pollywog, Seraphin, Devilfish, Azeria, Priestess of the Abyss, Lord of Death, Desert Pilgrim, Lost Chieftain, Zeus, Sand Badger, Iron Scales, Veteran, Fire Elemental, Hades
    Wave 19
    1. Banana Bunk, Banana Haven, Tempest, Leviathan, APS, MPS, Kingpin, Bounty Hunter, Warg, Lioness, Alpha Male
    2. Harpy, Sky Queen, Buzz, Consort, Gateguard, Harbinger, Ranger, Daphne, Hydra, Mudman, Golem, Angler, Disciple, Starcaller, Great Boar, Red Eyes, Hades
    Wave 20
    1. Millennium, Doomsday Machine, Sand Badger, Iron Scales, Green Devil, Azeria, Starcaller, Berserker, Fatalizer, Lord of Death, Hades, Ranger, Daphne
    2. Hydra, Gateguard, Harbinger, Rogue Wave, Mudman, Golem, Canopie, Priestess of the Abyss, Wileshroom, Peewee, Veteran, Gargoyle, Tier 1 units
    Wave 21
    1. None
    2. Azeria, Starcaller, Honeyflower, Deathcap, Hydra, Hades, Great Boar, Red Eyes
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