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"Your Client Didn't Connect In Time" (Mac)

Discussion in 'Crashes & Connection Issues' started by David05, Jul 18, 2020.

  1. David05

    David05 Member

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    I'm having trouble connecting to ranked games. I am getting an error after "match found"." Multipl;e times I have gotten, "Your client did not connect in time. Try requeueing." I have found the hmtl game logs but I can't attach them because it stays the file does not have the allowed extension. Can someone help?

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  2. jitsuc4

    jitsuc4 Moderator

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    You can try zipping the log files and attach them here.

    Are you able to join other queues/matches? Like casual queue, sandbox/custom games?

    Is this happening since a recent patch or did perhaps something change regarding your connection/computer?
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